Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Mid-Summer

I think the heat is slowly killing us.  I just have zero motivation these days.  The heat just sucks it all out of you.  I mopped the floor the other day and felt like I had just climbed Mount Everest; I was exhausted and couldn't believe I had actually finished.  We are seriously so lazy these days.  Too many movies and lots of reading and playing.
But how could you not be happy when you are 4?
Or 1 1/2?
Or when you get to see these faces everyday? :)
We are slowly adjusting to the reality that Brad is not going to have to go back to school
And its really, really awesome!!
He gets to come home at the end of the day and just be with us, instead of studying for hours and hours and hours.
And he is really loving his internship!!  I wont brag about him and write out all the stories of everyone loving him and how well he is doing and how impressed everyone is with how smart he is and how wonderful he is with all his patients, because that embarrasses him.  So I will just simply say that it has been a really great experience and we both think that this whole 8 years of school thing is really going to pay off ;)
Our babies have discovered mud.  Clark never went near anything that might get him dirty, but Kalvin dives head first in to anything that will make a mess and he is teaching Clark the joys of being a dirty, crazy boy. 
Clark is really enjoying having a brother
I think our little garden is about through producing :( Its a sad day!  This is the last of our glorious tomatoes.  We'll need to eat them with something special...
The boys think its hilarious to drive their car off the porch as fast as they can so it crashes and rolls and it scares me every time!
Clark is obsessed with all things sports!!
This is the face Kal makes when he is mad at you.  We see it a hundred times a day and think its hysterical.  He has got it down so well.
On days when the boys wake up while I am in the shower, Clark takes it upon himself to take care of Kalvin and make sure he is happy, by filling the crib with every single toy he can find.  If I don't hurry in the shower, I'll find Kalvin almost completely buried.
Blanket forts have been a wonderful way of entertaining the kids without having to go outside.
We try to minimize the amount of errand we have to run during the week.  Its seriously like we are hermits.  Don't worry though.  We will make up for it in the Fall by never ever being home and spending every second outside.
We got a few days of rain last week and that was a nice change
Makes me excited for the Fall and hot chocolate and sweaters and school starting....
Another one of our indoor activities was this race car track. 
It kept Clark busy for 2 whole days
Sweetest little baby body.. he is growing up too fast!!!
One of our favorite things ever is startling Kalvin!!  He gives us the BEST reaction every time.  Its the funniest thing ever!!
My two thoroughly unimpressed boys who I just love so much
I just cant stop taking pictures of their adorable faces
They are crazy and perfect
And I love them so much
Happy Mid-Summer!!!!!

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