Monday, July 8, 2013

The 4th of July

The morning of the 4th of July started out good... and early!  Brad had to work at the hospital all day of the 4th, so I woke up at like 6am to make a big pancake breakfast before he left for work.  All growing up we always went to the community pancake breakfast at the fair grounds, so it just seems wrong not to have pancakes to start the holiday off.  We woke the little boys up early and they were so confused.  While I cooked, Brad sang every patriotic song he could think of at the top of his lungs and the boys, who were still half asleep, stared at him in horror.  I could just see their little minds going, "you woke us up for this?"  haha it was hilarious!
The day before, Clarky and I made these super cute, super easy patriotic tshirts.  It was a lot of fun and they looked so cute in them!! 
Clark was sure it was "American Flag Day" not Independence day.  I guess he was right too ;)
I couldn't get a real great picture of them.  Clark was mad that it was so hot and Kal was very concerned with showing me that there were tomatoes to be picked.
Our day was pretty chill
chocolate milk and cartoons
And the A/C on full blast
When Brad got home we headed to the Robison's.  Got there just in time for a BBQ dinner and then we were off to the fairgrounds for the firework show!
During the patriotic program the kids entertained themselves with glow sticks
It was SO HOT!!!! 
We just wanted to die, but the fireworks were worth it.
Got back home at like 10:30 and the kids wanted to light some off in the front yard.  Clark and Kalvin weren't sure what to think at first.
But I think that they decided that they liked them
Can you tell we had spent hours in 111 degree heat??
We ended up deciding to stay the whole weekend.  We all camped out in the blue room together.
Friday was spent helping get Travis and Emily's new house ready to move into.  Lots of painting and cleaning.  Then Saturday we got the majority of their stuff moved in.  So exciting!!!  Its going to be such a fun and good step for their family.  We are really happy for them.
Then Sunday was a pleasant day of church and eating and family.  I love the Robison's and we are very excited to move closer to them all!!  Especially little Clark.  He loves playing with his cousins more than anything and has a bit of a melt down every time he has to leave them. 

All in all, it was a good and busy holiday weekend!

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  1. Those shirts are so cute, they don't look easy to make at all. Isn't so annoying to be outside at night and it's still hot?