Thursday, July 11, 2013

This Summer

I feel like this Summer is officially the Summer of change.  For us as well as a lot of people we are close to.  For a lot of years its sort of felt like everything was exactly the same and was going to stay that way for like.. ever.  And I was anxious and restless and ready to move forward.  Now all of the sudden, everything is changing and we are all moving forward and although Im excited, Im a little nervous and a little sad to leave so much behind.  Why do people always do that?  Pray for change and then when it comes, resist it like its the worst thing ever.  Ohhhh people are crazy and Im no exception. 

But nevertheless, its time to move on.  And lots to do.  Lots of friends to say goodbye to.  Lots of packing.  Lots of cleaning and organizing... and moving.  Lots of  "lasts" in this city.  Lots of me staring at pictures of when we moved into this house when Clark was just a baby, with tears in my eyes and Brad laughing at how emotional I am. 

One thing has become certain to me over the years though.  Change inspires growth.  Good change, bad change, any change.  Lucky for us, this is a great change and I can feel the peace the Lord lends because these decisions have been made prayerfully and that's a much appreciated blessing.  There is so much uncertainty in our future (in anyone's future) so it feels amazing to know we are going where we need to be going and doing what we need to be doing.  Its amazing to know that although the world is full of confusion and difficult choices, each Sunday when we sit in church, we are exactly where we are suppose to be.  I wouldn't trade these feelings of peace for anything.  

So here we go.  Stepping forward on a wing and a prayer.  "Come what my and love it", right?! 

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