Sunday, December 29, 2013


There was a whole lot of family and merriment in the days leading up to Christmas this year
We got all of our shopping and busy stuff done before, so we were able to spend the whole week just enjoying the season and the gorgeous weather.
The boys and I had fun making a million sugar cookies.  It took hours, but I am glad we did it.  They turned out great and the kids had a blast.
Then we spent a couple of evenings going out and delivering treats to some of the people we love.  I was happy to stop by and visit with friends I hadn't seen in so many years.  It really got me in the Christmas spirit!!  The only problem with living in the same small town you grew up in is that there are always like a hundred more people you wish you could go visit and take cookies to.  We are blessed to be here in a valley full of wonderful, loving people!
On Christmas Eve, Santa dropped off a Christmas present a little early for Brad's Dad.
A new Viking.  He was super surprised and it was so fun to watch.  The kids were all just as excited I think.
The longer it stayed on the front lawn, the more neighbors wandered over to see it..
Later we had a big family party for the Leatham side of the family at the elementary school.  Everyone brought Mexican food and we visited and played embarrassing games and then there was a piƱata for the kids.  It was a lot of fun!!
After the family party we came home and the kids put out treats for Santa and his reindeer, we read the story of Christ's birth from the bible, sang a few Christmas songs and then it was off to bed.
See how thrilled the boys are with taking a picture??
We were up too late on Christmas Eve, as always.  We had hot chocolate and talked until it was passed midnight.
Santa came and surprised everyone with the presents that were left.
We got the babies up at 7am.  I think that they would have slept til 9am if we had let them
They were soon in to their stockings and smiling and laughing
That's my favorite part of Christmas by far!!  Those boys and their honest reactions to each little trinket or treat they find.
After all the presents were opened, it was time to just play.  I could watch them play for hours.  Their little voices and little imaginations make everything wonderful.
We took the Viking out for a little ride and the boys were so happy. (including Brad) I think that we will have to take that out a few more times...
Then all the family arrived and the kitchen got good and busy
And we had great meal and lots of good conversation
It was an almost perfect Christmas.  If Brad, Clark and I hadn't got sick Christmas night, it would have been completely perfect.  Still, pretty close though.

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