Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter Days

Remember how I was just barely posting pictures like this?
And this?  With the warm sun shining, all of us still in shorts and tshirts...
Well not anymore!  Winter has arrived in Overton and we have been freezing!!!
Sweaters everyday and these crazy boys hate them.  They just want to run in their skivvies everyday, but as soon as I turn my back and they strip down, they start shivering.  They are not fans.
Maybe if we take them up to St. George to play in the snow (since they got dumped on) the cold will all seem worth it.  That's what works for me ;)
But in the meantime, I'm going to be perfectly honest with you, we have not been leaving the house a whole lot lately.  Poor Brad has to go to work everyday, and Clarky has school, but other than that.... its just not been real tempting. 
Blankets and warm fires and tv and books are all way more enticing.
And oh isn't this a familiar sight.  Football dominates our lives this time of year.
My favorite spot in the house is right in front of this fire!  I settle in, Dad finds his way to other chair before too long, and its become a daily ritual that we just sit in front of that fire for hours and talk.  He always has stories I've never heard ;)  I love our new winter day talks!
Grandma has been doing a little 'Christmas crafting' with the kids and they sure are loving it!
In other Christmas-related news, the Grinch came to our house to visit!  As a gift to all the nursery, the leaders came dressed up to visit all their kids in class.  Kalvin loved it, but Clarky was scared to death.  hahaha  He even took his mask off and Clark still wouldn't go near him.
Guzzle has been getting into all sorts of trouble.  Its been hilarious.  Seems every morning, after the boys discover his mischief, Clark just shakes his head and says, 'I just cant believe this.'  hahaha
But, with colder weather always comes sickness.  Clarky got hit with is good.  He had a high fever for days and such a sore throat that he almost completely lost his voice.  He was so sad and so annoyed.  Poor guy.  His fever broke and his voice is somewhat back now, so he is on the mend.  Crossing our fingers that no one else gets it.
But the cold also means this guy wears long-sleeve shirts and I LOVE a guy in long-sleeve shirts!  He looks so dapper everyday ;) 
  We are trying to enjoy the cold as best we can now, cause as soon as Christmas is over, winter just seems annoying and pointless. 

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