Monday, December 2, 2013

Tis the Season

This week, after Thanksgiving passed, we decided to start getting ready for the Christmas season!  We put up some Christmas lights up on the house.
Kalvin may have smacked into the corner of the wall and cracked his little head open.
Nothing a little super glue cant fix
I got a little bit distracted, because when we were looking for Christmas stuff, I found a big box of old Robison pictures that I had never seen before.
So I spent a few hours going through that.  Seeing so many old pictures of my father-in-law made me realize just how much Brad looks like his Dad.  Its crazy!  Everytime I would show the kids a pic of  'younger James' and asked who it was, they said 'Dad' each time.
But we eventually did finish putting up the Christmas lights
Brad had to climb a huge tree and got electrocuted once and is covered in tree branch scrapes and Im going to be hating life in January when we have to take them all down...
But it turned out pretty :)
Brad also got the chainsaw sharpened up
And spent an afternoon sawing and chopping firewood
The babies had fun watching
And I had fun trying out some of the settings on my new camera
I love this one!  Its such a Brad face!!  You can see how much he thoroughly enjoys destroying things.
Clarky was quite enthralled with it all as well.
We also got Christmas all put up inside too.
Before Brad's parents left for Oklahoma, Brad's Mom was saying that she wished someone would put up all the Christmas decorations for her, because she didn't want to do it all.
So we took the hint and rolled with it ;)
The Christmas season has arrived at the Robison household and I sure hope Mom and Dad are pleased when they get home tonight!
Brad even made cookies.
Yesterday evening, we received a new little house guest for the month.
Clark named him 'Guzzle' (no idea where that came from) and they were super excited.  This morning when they came upstairs to find him on the counter, eating a bowl of cereal, we couldn't tell if they were excited or freaked out. haha  Either way, it was hilarious and Im super excited now to see their reactions each morning this month!
Lots to look forward to this Christmas season!!!

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