Saturday, June 7, 2014

Another Little Man

We are in such shock and awe that we are so blessed to be getting ANOTHER little boy!!!  We were surprised for sure.  haha  We thought that it must be a girl because 1) I had been so very sick this time around and 2) I have not been able to eat even the tiniest bit of meat without getting sick, this entire pregnancy.  Even just a couple bites of white meat chicken makes me sick.  This kid is not a fan.  So when that ultrasound tech said that it was a boy, we just stared at the screen and at each other and again at the screen.....  So, pretty much we are having another perfect little Brad/Clark/Kalvin mix.  I try constantly to try and picture what his little face looks like, but I just picture one of my 3 boys faces.  We cant wait to meet him.  (although Brad isn't quite sure what to think about having a vegetarian boy ;) )

The 2nd trimester has been going well.  (even though we are having an impossible time trying to think of another boy name ) I seem to have more difficult pregnancies each time I get pregnant.  This time around, even though I'm no longer sick, I have a good amount of pain.  I get cramps several times a day.  They go away when I stay off my feet.  I still get those darn sharp pains shooting across my abdomen that are totally random and annoying... I feel so dumb, because I barely have a baby bump at all, and randomly that pain hits and I stop and grab my stomach like I am having a contraction or something and I am sure people are like, 'what the crap?'  Oh well.  I also have been having a passing out problem.  I mean, I have had trouble with randomly getting super dizzy and passing out since I was 16.  It hasn't really happened much the last few years, but of course, this pregnancy has kicked it in to over-drive.  I get dizzy several times a day and have passed out a few times.  I have to be really careful about being out in the heat or doing anything too strenuous or even just standing up.  Its embarrassing.  And makes me feel overly fragile these days.

But......... I have started feeling the little buddy moving and kicking several times a day and it makes it all worth it!!!!  He seems super active, just like Kalvin.  I cant wait for the kicks to get harder, so that his Dad and brothers can feel them!!  Brad was lucky enough to feel a tiny little kick one night last week, because he sat with his hand on my tummy for like an hour while we watched tv.

So, to sum things up, Brad and I are awesome at making boys, we are a little stressed at the thought of sending out 3 missionaries right in a row down the road, everything is progressing nicely and we cant wait to meet him!!!!

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  1. Not that this is particularly helpful, but I know other women who have had more difficult pregnancies each successive time. I don't know what it is, but you aren't alone.