Saturday, June 21, 2014

Goodbye to the Valley!!!

Well tomorrow is the big day!!!  After too many days apart, Brad surprised us all and came home in the middle of the night Thursday and about gave me a heart attack.  I need to start expecting the unexpected with him.  It was quite the two weeks for him living in a tiny(and when I say tiny, I mean tiny) apartment all alone with no hot water at first and not enough room in the kitchen to open the oven and sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor that had truck sheets on it.  I think it will be quite memorable for him.  He called me about a week into his stay and said that he officially did not want to ever get a divorce. haha  Good to know ;)

The majority of our stuff is all packed up, Post Office box keys turned in, check-list is getting smaller and smaller.  Moving is so bitter-sweet!  We have only been back here for 10 months, but it has been a really great 10 months.  And although we are SO ready to move forward with our life, it is going to be so hard to leave.  We have absolutely loved being so close to so much family and so many friends.  We really do love it here.  Both mine and Brad's childhood took place here and we are beyond happy that we got to share a little piece of that with our two boys.  That a little part of their childhood will have a lot of the same things in it that ours did.  

We are going to miss so much about living here. The pretty mesas and watching the baby quail.  And the pomegranates for sure!  But more than anything, we are going to miss the people.  So many people here that we love so much.  Good thing we can always come home.  And we will.  Lots.

Goodbye Moapa Valley!  Hello Lovelock!

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