Saturday, June 7, 2014

Brad Moved :(

{he always tries to ruin my pictures by acting like a weirdo, but I dont care.  I post them anyway ;) }

Well, its official.  After a week of packing and planning, Brad moved up to Lovelock today.  We cant close on our house until he has at least one paycheck, so he had to start working, but that meant leaving me and the boys behind for a few weeks.  We got him a crappy little apartment there that you can rent month-to-month that has linoleum floors through-out, even in the living room it looked like and he took an air mattress and some camping chairs and a tv. Can I just say that this really sucks?!  I may have cried a few time last night.... and today.  Brad may have made me promise that I will do something, anything fun at least once a day so that he doesn't have to worry as much about me crying my eyes out each day he is gone.  I may need someone to come sleep in my bed every night for the next month who will toss and turn and kick me all night so that I can actually get some sleep.  I may be super worried about him getting sick or not eating or not matching his belt and shoes at work or dying somehow.  At least it is only a month.  At least I am staying with people I love.  At least he is good about calling and texting and making me laugh!  Still though, it is going to be a looooooong month!!!

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  1. *Hugs * :o( Brian and I lived separate for two months last summer and it was awful. Extra pillows don't quite fill the empty space in bed. Phones are fantastic. So are friends and family to keep you busy and not focused on missing him.