Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Corn, Corn and More Corn

We started out last week going to a ward members house for a big corn roast dinner.  They have a nice big yard and a ginormous corn field, so I guess every year during harvest week, they throw a big dinner for anyone who wants to come.  It was quite an event.  Lots of people, lots of food and the boys were just in heaven playing with all the kids there.  It was a lot of fun.  I dont know if I have said it yet, but we are already loving our ward here so much.  Everyone is so nice and welcoming and awesome!  We feel very lucky to be living here with these people.
Brad was part of the 'shucking crew', so he and the rest of the guys definitely had their work cut out for them.  We ended up taking a home a couple bags of corn to blanch, cut and freeze.  We ended up with two gallon size bags full, so thats awesome.
But unfortunately that night, Kalvin got sick.
So we spent the next day dealing with that and then Clark woke up the next morning sick too.  I am not going to lie, there was a whole lot of cartoon watching over the next couple of days.
Clark hates taking pictures on a normal day, but when he is sick, forget about it.  Every time I would try to sneak one, he'd put the blanket over his head.  Little monkey!  I guess I dont blame him.  Im not a fan of pictures when I am sick.  Babies just always look so sweet and cuddly when they are sick though..
I was getting super worried, what with Clark needing to start school the following week and us needing to go school shopping and get everything ready to go.  Our family always gets sick at the best times..
But Friday they both started to feel better.  Really just a cough and grumpiness.  They were even feeling well enough to go outside for a little while to play and watch the sunset that evening. 
Although I missed the end of it, cause Kal kept standing infront of the camera, making faces and saying 'take a picture of me.' Worth it ;)
Saturday we drove into Reno to go school shopping.  We went to Savers, my favorite store and then had some lunch at Applebee's (Clarks favorite.  I think he loves it so much, cause he gets his own menu and gets to pick his own meal and drink and feels so big.  He even has started asking for a refill all by himself.) and then we went to Target and Brad couldnt believe that a five year old's pants could cost so much and then we were done.  I dont know how we are going to afford school shopping when we have more than one child to shop for.  Clark picked out another Lightening McQueen backpack and wanted to wear it around the store as we finished up.
After we finished all our errands, we decided to drive down to Carson City and get some ice cream, since we were already so close and because we love it there.
We talked about stopping in Fallon on our way home, cause we heard that there were camel races, (yes. camel races.) but the boys started not feeling so good again and started getting tired.
So we just walked around the capitol.  Can I please live in a house that looks like this??  I love old buildings more than I can possibly explain.  I would love to buy a crazy old house.  But I would also love to build.  But if we build, we will build a house that looks like its 100 years old.  Brad thinks I am crazy... 
Then we got some ice cream, stopped for some groceries and went home.  And we were exhausted.  haha  We are old.  Sunday we decided not to share the germs with our ward, so we kept the boys home and rested.
Monday was Labor Day, so Brad just went in to the hospital for a couple hours and then got to come home, so we went out to pick some more corn with some friends.
The boys loved it.
Clark wasn't so much for the picking, he just wanted to run around the field and play with his little friends.  I was sure we were going to lose him in that field, but thank heavens we didnt.
Kal on the other hand, loved picking corn.  I tried to get a video of him wrestling those stalks to the ground, but I didnt.  It was so funny though.
We got even more corn to freeze, so we've got some work to do.  We need a bigger freezer!

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