Sunday, September 14, 2014

Good Stuff

We had a good week this week.  Still tired with lots to do to catch up from being sick for two weeks, but we did it.  Laundry all washed and every inch of the house scrubbed and sanitized.  That is a good feeling for sure!

We spent the beginning of the week worrying about family and friends back home.  Some crazy storms hit down in that area and they ended up with all sorts of flooding.  There was a decent amount of damage, but it could have been a lot worse.  Wish we could have been down there to help out.  Sure do love that valley and those people.  We are praying for all of them.
Kalvin could not be more obsessed with this baby I am growing.  Like seriously.  All day long he asks what the baby is doing, what his name is, what he is going to look like, what he will do when he 'gets out', why he is always hungry, a million questions.  
He talks to the baby and kisses my tummy and always goes to get blankets to cover up my stomach so that the baby won't be cold.  Its ridiculously cute and we love it.  Clark is not real interested.  haha I guess its cause he knows whats coming.  He has been through it before ;)
Clark had a couple of bad days at school.  One day he said that a teacher yelled at him, because she said that he was being too loud in the bathroom, but Clark was upset because it wasn't him that was being loud, it was another boy.  He felt pretty bad about that.  And then another day he climbed into the car with the saddest little look on his face, because he said a boy was pretending to be a zombie at recess and threw Clark into the rocks.  I cant handle seeing him have bad days and not being able to go fix things, but I guess I should get use to it.  I know its good for him to learn how to solve his problems and get over stuff.  I may give him anything he wants when he gets home though.  And as much as I love that he is loving school, I was a little happy the other day when I asked him what his favorite part of the day was and he responded with 'coming home'.  Oh my little sweetie!

Kalvin has been missing Clark lots.  He asks me over and over again when Clark will be home and gets SO excited when its time to go pick him up!  But during the school hours, Kal has started carrying around Clark's Petey everywhere.  When I asked him why he wanted Petey instead of his Goobey or Huffy, he said that he missed his Clarky.  I cant handle the two of them. 
We were lucky enough on Friday to have G&G Merkley and Jaden come visit!!  This is the boys waiting for them.
They brought the boys nerf balls and Halloween stickers and an outfit for baby brother and they brought Kal his birthday present and and let him open it a couple weeks early.  More duplo blocks and they are obsessed.  Airplanes this time and they dont want to do anything else.

We took my parents around town and showed them the sites.  I think they were pretty impressed ;)
And we did have a lot of fun...
Even though these photos don't show it.  This was just us taking a break from all the fun.
We took them out to a chinese restaurant we really like and Jaden tried sushi.. and liked it.  
And they went to church with us today and got to meet some of our ward.
And then we made them tacos and sent them on their way back to Idaho.  We were sad to say goodbye, but so happy that we got to spend a couple days with them and show them our little life here.  Luckily they promised to come back next month for a Halloween party!
And now we are sitting here enjoying the rest of our Sunday.  Just watching football and making scary faces with halloween stickers.
And I am 31 weeks today, so thats pretty exciting.  Getting closer!!  Getting excited about all the good stuff headed our way :)

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