Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kindergarten Crush

Well this last week flew right by.  Having a child in school sure does change how the days go.  Busy, busy!  But Kalvin and I have been enjoying our one-on-one time together.  He has always got lots to say and is the most chatty in the mornings.  He is obsessed with Umi-Zumi and begs to watch it ALL DAY LONG.  And we got lucky enough a few times this week to have Brad home for lunch.  On one of the days, a patient cancelled and he brought me home lunch and had a whole 45 minutes to eat with us.  

On Thursday we went over to the school, because all 3 schools here accepted the 'cold water challenge'.  They each brought a little bit of money to donate to cancer research and then at the end of the day they walked all the students over to the football field and they all ran through the sprinklers.  

There were news cameras there filming and everything :)  The principal said that they raised over $900 dollars,  just the elementary school, so that's kinda cool.  Although, Clark made sure to perfectly dodge the sprinklers so he didn't even get wet.

Kal wasn't super impressed.  He just wanted to go get Clark and watch Umi-Zumi...

This little monkey apparently has a little crush on a girl at school.  She is also in his primary class at church.  And we are friends with her family and just had dinner with them the other night.  I got a text the other morning from this little girls Mom who said that her daughter came home from school and said that Clark had kissed her on the cheek at recess.  Can you believe that!?  I asked him about it and he said that she kissed him and then wouldn't talk to me about it anymore.  But he was all smiles for the rest of the day.  How is this happening??  How is he old enough to have a crush?  This is killing me.  Why do babies grow up!?     

So other than 'the kiss' things have been pretty normal around here ;)  We've been trying our best to have Fridays full of fun and relaxing, since Clark is so exhausted from school by the end of the week.  This week he and Kal spent the majority of their Friday playing in a mud muddle they made in the front yard.  All that grass and they just want mud.  True boys!  I guess Brad and I were the same way though.  I caught Clark at one point with a dandelion, wishing for 'a real gun so that he could shoot bugs'.  

We took the boys to McDonalds a little while ago and they got little football player action figures in their happy meals and they have recently become very intrigued with the sport.  Brad always seems to have a game on, so they have started learning the different teams and wanting to watch here and there.  Its funny though, because it just doesn't make sense to them that we would be cheering for one particular team unless the other team was 'bad'.  So they always want to know who the bad guys are and who the good guys are.  

Clark had his Primary Program at church today.  He did great on his speaking part, but barely sang at all.  He did dance a little, but no singing.  I don't think he actually knew any of the songs.  And he was sure to wave at us about 30 times ;) Anyway, I think he was a little distracted sitting next to a certain little girl ;)

I hit 7 months on Tuesday!!!  Thats exciting!!  2 months left... hopefully less.  I am dying.  I know this sweet baby will be so worth every contraction and every cramp and every lost minute of sleep, but boy is this trimester starting to drag.  He moves all the time and is merciless on my ribs.  I've been having a hard time breathing.  And then I get light-headed and feel like I am going to pass out.  Its really quite something.  All I want in the world these days is ice!  Oh the best is when Brad gets a fountain drink and gives me all his ice.  I have also had a few nights when I have woke up at like 3 in the morning and have the most intense craving for orange juice.  So much so that I cant go back to sleep until I get up and drink a big glass of orange juice.  Its so weird.  Needless to say, I have been making sure we always have OJ in the fridge.  And, after months of calling doctors and faxing medical records and multiple lectures from doctors assistants about how 'you should not move while pregnant, because switching doctors is not easy', I have FINALLY found a doctor and I have FINALLY got all of our insurance crap worked out and I FINALLY have an appointment next week.  HUGE relief!!  I have spent way too much time on the phone and then crying to Brad about how frustrating it is that its not getting me anywhere.  I really can not tell you how happy I am to have found a doctor.  I can breathe again.  Well, you know, figuratively.  I still cant actually breathe ;)  

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