Monday, February 16, 2015

Jonas' Blessing Day

For Jonas' big blessing weekend, we had more family come to town than I thought we would.  It was awesome!  I was a little worried with us living out in the middle of nowhere and it being right after Christmas, that it was going to be to hard for people to travel.  But Nathan and Kaitlin came out and stayed with us and My parents came and Brad's parents and Erik and Christy all came and it just meant the world to us that they were there!!

Nate and Kait got to our house late Friday night and we got to trade babies for a while. 

Scout loved Sadie a whole lot 

Saturday was pretty lazy.  I dont think we actually got ourselves ready and got out of the house until like 2pm 

But hey, at least we did get out 

And while Lovelock is the most exciting place ever, we decided to keep it simple and go to the park 

We played some soccer 

Died a few times over the cuteness of Sadie 

Took lots of photos 

I sorta love him more than anything ever 

Checking out all the love locks 

After the park we walked over and got some ice cream 

I love Sadie's face!!! 

So after going home and eating a mexican feast, my parents and brother Jaden got to our house!!! 

It was so fun to see them and all hang out before they had to go to their hotel 

The next morning was our little man's big day.  We by some miracle got ready in time to take pictures before church 

I just cant tell you how happy this photo makes me.  Before we got pregnant with Jonas, I use to dream about our little family and having a third baby and having a cute little house somewhere and I just felt like that day was never going to come.  And now here we are with 3 perfect babies in our home and Im just so blessed. 

Seriously, he is perfect 

And I am completely obsessed with this knit sleeper I found for him to wear 

Brad gave him the most beautiful blessing, although the monkey screamed his lungs out through the whole thing.  haha  All 3 boys were totally awake during their blessings, but the older two didnt make a peep.  Jonas broke that tradition. 

It melted my heart to see my sweet baby surrounded by so many good men.. his Daddy, his two Grandpas, his Uncle Erik and his Uncle Nathan. Hes lucky to have them to look up to. 

After church we all went back to our house for a luncheon

The kids had so much fun getting so much attention and playing with cousins 

We are so lucky to have the love and support that we do 

Makes me want to bring 50 more children into our lovely family 

It was the perfect weekend!!! 

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