Monday, March 30, 2015

Crazy Happy Boys

We got through another week!  Pheww!  It was a good one.  The biggest most exciting thing that happened was that we moved Jonas out of our room and into his own bedroom and began sleep training him.  Guys, he is extremely dramatic.  When we sleep trained Clark, it could not have been easier.  Then we had Kal, holy smokes was he stubborn!  Hours and hours of crying and then I would finally give in and go get him and he would literally make me pay for not getting him sooner.  That boy would hold a grudge and scream even when I was rocking him.  haha  Jonas tends to be a lot more like Kalvin, so we were preparing ourselves for hysterics.  I've been dreading it, but a woman can only go so many months without sleeping.  So anyway, the first night was tough.  He screamed for 30 minutes, fell asleep, woke up and screamed for an hour, fell asleep, then woke up again and screamed for about an hour and a half.  I went in and rubbed his back and let him hear my voice every 5-10 minutes.  It was a long one.  The second night was way worse.  There was more crying than there was sleeping.  The third night was more like the first and then the fourth was AWESOME!!!  He went down at 9pm, woke up for about 20 minutes at 5am to eat, then back to sleep til 9am.  Yeah, thats 9 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!!  It was the most fantastic thing that has ever happened in my life.  But... then the buddy went all out with the payback and got a cold and is all sorts of congested and is back to not sleeping very good.  But we are on our way.

This guy has been my buddy working out in the yard all week.  He likes to find "treasures" in the backyard while I water and weed. 

Jonas is already into his 6 month clothes, so I had to yet again pack up a ton of tiny clothes I didnt even get a chance to dress him in.  He is growing too fast. 

His bumbo seat has been a life saver!  He doesnt like his swing, his bouncey, his jumping jack, but he likes his bumbo.  I think its because he is up and can grab stuff easier and is all part of the action.  Sooo that means if I want a break from holding the little monster, the kitchen is where we have to be.  So that has been good news for my family.  I've been cooking lots!  Dinners and baked goods and the dishes are always done.  Now if only I could get the rest of my chores done ;)  Ahh well, at least we're eating good and this baby gets to punch his little fist into the cookie dough when I am not looking and shove it in his chubby little mouth.  Good times for all. 


I went down and got a bunch of blood work done and am in the process of getting a ton of xrays done on all my joints.  I go in to Reno to see my rheumatologist this week and start my new meds.  I am for sure ready.  Ready to be off of these steroids!  Ready to sleep :)  

The boys always love when we get to friends come over and play.  I overheard Clark saying that he has seen about a million rainbows and then he said with all the enthusiasm a 6 year old can muster, "want to see a dead mouse with a bloody eye??"  Yes there really was a dead mouse with a bloody eye in our backyard.  A few days ago, the boys came running inside more excited than ever and said that they had watched Scout "beat up a rat".  haha  They were very proud of their dog! 

Guys the weather here has been heaven!!! 

We have been enjoying our yard and all the gorgeous grass thats coming in so good, you'd think we live in Utah ;) 

Lately when the boys play, weather its Power Rangers or Cowboys or racecar drivers, they are also "Dads".  A Dad Power Ranger or a Dad Cowboy.  Kal says its cause Dads are the coolest.  Isnt that adorable?! 

Clark practicing reading and the little ones love it 

So Wednesday night the bishopric wanted to come meet with us.  We knew of course that meant someone was getting a calling.  We made a bet and whoever ended up getting the calling got a dessert of their choosing.  Yeah, Brad made me orange julius that night.  I got called to be the 2nd counselor in the relief society.  I am excited, but nervous.  This is the scariest calling I have ever had.  But, if thats where the Lord wants me to serve, then thats where I will serve. 

Ummm that face! 

Best friends already haha 

Kal found a teeny tiny egg shell that fell out of one of our trees 

Friday was like a little taste of Summer 

Jammies ALL DAY!!! 

Big Hero 6, pop corn, smoothies 


Then Brad came home from work and being the sweet man that he is, completely indulged my need to go do something spontaneous. 

We drove an hour into Fallon to get some good chinese food and then went and did some shopping.   

Saturday Brad left early to go help out with baptisms at the temple in Reno, so the boys and I spent the entire morning cleaning the house and then outside for swimming and bubbles. 

Then Brad got home and somehow convinced me to go through our ginormous mountain of boxes in the garage and throw a ton of stuff away that we have had packed up for years.  And then bring a bunch of stuff inside my clean and organized house and make it a cluttered mess.  It was crazy going through some of those boxes!  Finding old pictures and keepsakes.  It felt good to go through all that stuff, but now my house is a mess again.  I have got lots of work to do this week. 

My baby is in a crib now and that breaks my heart!  He is growing up so fast. 

My crazy boys keep me so busy and so happy! 

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