Monday, March 9, 2015

Power Outages and Pyramid Lake

Guys Spring is getting to Lovelock.  Now, we are use to Spring starting in February back home, so we really feel like we have had to wait forever this year, but it is finally happening!  Also, its kinda cool buying a house in the Fall/Winter, because now I have all the bulbs coming up and I have no idea what they are.  Its a total surprise :)

We go outside lots.  And when we are not outside, the boys are asking when we can go outside. 

We have got a lot of work to do in the backyard.  Where to begin... 

Jonas has started on cereal!!!  I love it when babies start eating cereal.  That means soon he will start sleeping longer and I will actually get some sleep.  I can't wait!!!  He has only had it two nights so far, but he did amazing with the spoon.  Better than our other two boys did at first.  He is a natural ;) 

Kal is still recovering.  His breathing is much better, but still not back to normal.  We took him in to see the doctor to see what was going on.  So now he is back on 7 different medications trying to kick this junk and keep his breathing normal.  We also had to take him to the hospital to get some blood drawn for allergy testing and I was so worried he was going to freak and be crying and stuff, but the moment the nurse stuck the needle in him, he just giggled.  Oh my little crazy boy!

He has been super tired.  And super emotional.  Everything is the end of the world. 

I think its a combination of a tough weekend and all the meds. 

The boys collect bottlecaps and love to pretend that they are "gold dabloons" and they are pirates 

Playing Power Ranger Pirate Cowboys 

Friday night we went to the elementary school production of the Little Mermaid and it was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.  Jonas did pretty good.  He liked watching the play, but they kept turning off the lights in between scenes and he would totally get scared and start crying and we would have to calm him down. 

Saturday we slept in and Brad made pancakes 

We spent the day being pretty busy trying to get a ton of stuff done 

Sunday was the day I had been dreading, because we were asked to speak.  I hate speaking soooo much!!!  It stresses me out.  And Brad thinks its so funny.  So we got to church all ready to go and walked in and half the lights in the chapel were out, only on the stand was working and they were all scrambling to get it to work, but they couldn't, so they just started church half in the dark.  haha They started the program, and we got through the sacrament, and then they stood up to announce us to go up and speak and right then, all the power went out and the whole chapel went dark.  So they just called someone up to say a closing prayer and sent everyone home.  haha It was the weirdest Sunday ever!  As we were leaving, Brad said to me, "wow, you must have a lot of Faith to make the power go out, just so you don't have to speak!"  haha But then our friend texted and said that she thinks the power went out because Brad was about to blaspheme.  hahaha  All I know is that seems like a pretty clear sign that the Lord does not want us to speak. 

So with an entire Sunday with nothing planned, we decided to be a little spontaneous and packed a picnic and drove out to pyramid lake. 

We had never been there before and it just sounded so nice to be outside in the perfect weather 

We found a little cave to stop at and eat and the boys explored 

The little ones always pick flowers for me <3 font=""> 
Clark has become quite the confident climber, even in cowboy boots

After lunch and forcing the boys to take a family picture and look happy about it or they wouldn't get any cookies, we decided to head down to the lake

Its a pretty huge lake.  And the water was so clear and pretty!  Its not the most lovely scenery, but it was so empty and peaceful, I loved it!!!  Lake Tahoe is gorgeous, but its so crowded, I can't stand it.  So it was nice to have the whole beach all to ourselves.  Plus, the desert is pretty in its own way. 

Um my baby is wearing shoes in this picture 

Finding rocks 

Brad teaching Clark how to skip rocks.  He actually got really good at it! 

We all spent a looong time walking around the beach searching for good, flat rocks for Clark to practice with.   

Jonas was so content watching the water and watching his brothers run around being crazy, he barely made a peep. 

Later we got attacked by seagulls.  Like seriously.  They were not shy at all. 

So we fed them all of our snacks 

The boys would laugh so hard when the birds would dive for food in the water and hit a little too hard and make a big splash. 

We decided to drive a little further around the lake to see the pyramids.  And then we decided to just keep on driving and see where the road took us.

  And it took us straight to a donkey jackpot!   

I love donkeys 

We kept driving and ended up in one of the weirdest little towns ever called Gerlach.  Its a serious burner town.   

Infact, not too far outside of Gerlach is where they have Burning Man every year, so it makes sense. 

Its a weird place 

Then after getting slightly lost and taking some extremely questionable roads and seeing a whole lot of back country, we found our way home.  But not before getting a flat tire.  It was a very weird, but adventurous Sunday!  And we needed it.  I guess we are ready for the week now. 

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