Monday, March 2, 2015

From Good to Bad to Good Again

We had a great start to the week.  I felt so on top of everything.  I was up early, had chores done and had everything ready for Clark and Brad to have a nice, smooth morning.

The day ended great too.  Got lots done and spent time together and everyone was happy. 

Kal talking to Grandma :) 

Jonas has started rolling over everytime we put him down and its adorable.  He quite likes tummy time!  Which has made evenings like a million times better.  Since he was born, from like 6pm to 10pm has been spent walking him around the house, so he doesnt scream.  It isn't colic or anything, he's just a busy bee and needs to be entertained.  But now that he can roll around, we actually get a little time to relax and its glorious.  We can talk or watch tv or fb stalk people together.  Its amazing! 

Clark is thrilled with the fact that he can hold Jonas while standing up.  Its a little scary, but also cute. 

My baby bear 

Kalvin wasnt feeling totally great.  He was still trying to get over a cough from weeks prior and it made him sleepy.  I think he fell asleep almost every afternoon last week. 

But even with Kal not being 100%, things were going good 

Watching a movie together 

They love Where The Sidewalk Ends and want us to read it to them all the time! 

They think its so funny 

I decided to make choclate-chip banana bread and it was like the most exciting thing thats ever happened in the boys life. (including Brad) 

I love that he is starting to love toys! 

Friday mornings are the best! Clark dosn't have school on Friday, so we decided to spend the morning all cozy-like with hot-chocolate and cartoons and the rain. 

Brad had a half-day at work, cause he was leaving for a Scout campout in water canyon up by Winnemucca, so he was home around 1pm.

I didnt really want him to go.  I kept getting a weird feeling about it, but was like, "okay I am just being my crazy paranoid self.  Its fine!"  So we said goodbye and let him go.  Thank heavens his friend Chad drove, because he was planning on taking our 4 Runner and then I would have been without a reliable car, and apparently I would be needing one later. 

The kids and I did our normal thing when Brad is gone over-night 

We ordered pizza and watched a movie 

Kalvin started to wheeze and not feel too great..but thats not unusual for him, so I started the breathing treatments. 

The only problem was that he wasn't getting better after the treatments.  He was just getting worse and worse.  Of course.  Of course when Brad is gone over-night and out of cell range, Kalvin would have a crazy asthma attack.  Again, I was like telling myself, "dont be crazy!  dont be paranoid!  he is fine.  Don't over-react."  
I gave him some medicine and another breathing treatment and figured I would just put him in bed next to me for the night and just keep an eye on him while he slept.  I laid all the boys in bed and as I was getting Jonas to sleep, I was watching Kalvin and he started struggling even more to get breath in and out.  He started kicking his legs with every breath, like he was pushing with his whole body and I just got a bad feeling I couldn't shake.  So I put Jonas down for bed and decided to just say a quick little prayer to know what to do.  I opened my eyes after praying and looked a little closer at Kalvin's face and the poor baby's lips were turning blue.  Thats about when I felt like I was going to have a heart attack.

I grabbed the kids and coats and shoes and the baby bag and raced to the car and we were on the road.  It is an hour and a half to Reno and that was the LONGEST hour and a half ever!  Kalvin was coughing and struggling to breathe so much that he started throwing up.  And I couldn't do anything!  I couldn't stop, cause we had to get to the hospital, I couldn't take care of him, cause I was obviously driving, so I just had to listen and watch from my rear-view mirror to make sure he was still breathing.  It was awful!  He threw up probably 10 times before we finally made it to the ER.

Brad texted me as we were about halfway to Reno to say that he was off-network, so his phone would die soon if he left it on, but wanted to check on us.  I wanted to to tell him so bad what was going on, but knew that if I did, there was nothing he would be able to do, and he would just lay there all night worrying about us and feeling bad and stressed and I just didnt want to do that to him. (little did I know he was going to be awake all night anyway, because the zipper on his sleeping bag got sutck, so he laid there freezing all night.)  I figured I would just text him once I knew what was going on.  So I texted him back and told him good night and he turned off his phone for the night.  Yeah.

I pulled up and apologized to the valet  for the puke all over the back seat and unloaded everyone and ran inside.  They sat us down to check us in and while the lady was asking me questions, she put an oxygen monitor thing on Kalvin's finger.  She was in the middle of asking me a question when she looked at the monitor, and jumped up, took Kalvin into a room and ripped his clothes off and put him on some oxygen.  His oxygen level was down to 80 and he wasn't looking good at all.

The doctors and nurses came in and gave him and IV of steroids and did some breathing treatments on him.   They watched him for a while, then came in and took him off of his oxygen and he dropped from 100 back down to 80 super fast.  So they said that they were going to have to admit him and he'd have to stay a night or two in hospital.

We waited forever in that tiny room for them to get us admitted.  Kalvin asked Clark to play with some cars so he could watch him and it was so sad.  Jonas was grumpy and tired, so I just walked him around that teeny room for hours.  Kaitlin texted me at like 1am randomly and I was so glad that she did, so I could at least tell someone what was going on.

Finally they took us upstairs to our room and got everything situated and I got all three boys down and asleep by about 4am.  And then I just sat there and watched Kalvin's oxygen monitor go back and forth between 87-92.

The doctor came in about 6:30am and had to wake Kal up to see what his levels were while he was awake.  Kalvin was so not happy to be waking up.  But Clark and Jonas woke up and it was snowing outside and cartoons were finally on, so we tried to make the best of it.  The doctor said that she didnt think he would be going home for another day or so and my heart sank and I decided it was probably time to text Brad and call my Mom to let people know what was going on.  They brought in pancakes and sausage for the kids and Kalvin fell right back to sleep before even eating.
I texted Brad and tried to make it sound as calm as possible cause I didnt want him to panic.  haha  I think I started with "everythings okay and I dont want you to worry but...." and then I figured he would just turn his phone on to check it at some point during the day and text me back.  Hopefully.  I called my Mom and let her know and then the doctor came back and finally took  Kal off his oxygen again to see how he did.  And Kalvin was so happy to get that tube out of his nose that he actually agreed to eat breakfast.

The next thing I knew Brad was texting me, all sorts of worried.  haha  He wanted to know more what was going on and said he was so sorry that he wasnt there and begged me to call someone to help and made me promise to text him with any news and he would turn his phone on to check it every hour.  And then before I had a chance to even text him with an update, he was calling me telling me that he was on his way home.  He and Chad left early and stopped in Lovelock to drop stuff off  and then Chad and his family drove Brad into Reno and dropped him off at the hospital.  And I am so grateful for it!!!

After Brad said that he was on his way, things started looking up.  Kalvin started doing really good breathing on his own and was responding to the albuterol.  Jonas took a nice long nap so that I could sit and rest for a little bit.   

And then Brad walked in the door and I wanted to cry I was so happy to see him!  So were the boys.  Kalvin didn't want to leave Brads lap.  Isn't it amazing how much stronger you feel when you're with your spouse?  Its like night and day difference for me. 
Anyway, the doctor came in and said that she had seen enough of an improvement that she could discharge him and send him home.  Yay!!!  Brad was my hero and went and cleaned all the vomit out of the car, (poor man) and we got all our stuff together and signed him out.  We were gone by like 3pm.
We were all hungry, because I swear hospitals don't actually want you to eat ever, so Brad took us to Olive Garden.  He doesn't really like that place, but I love it, so he was a sweetie and probably still feeling so bad about the night/day I had had.  haha  So we had a delicious dinner where Kalvin fell asleep at the table.   

Sunday I slept!  I was SO beyond tired.  I had to get up with Jonas in the night and it was the worst.  haha  So when he started to fuss again at 6:45, Brad jumped out of bed before I even opened my eyes and took him out so I could sleep.  And I really needed it. 

Later we drove out to Dayton to see Erik and Christy's new house and have dinner and it was so nice to be with some family after that crazy weekend! 

So we had fun with them and then drove home and I thought about how lucky we are to have some family close and friends who are so amazing and doctors and medicine and how awesome it is that I  am married to Superman.  It was a really tough weekend, but it could have been so much worse!  Everything worked out fine and I am happy its all over!

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