Friday, May 8, 2015

Spontaneous Salt Lake Trip

So for a while we were planning a trip to Idaho to see my parents and some siblings, but then at the last minute my poor mama got strep ;( Sooo we didnt really want to take babies up there and were all sorts of sad.  But then we thought, "hey why not just drive to SLC instead and see Nathan & Kaitlin and tiny Sadie!"  So thats just what we did. 

We got to their place pretty late and they for some reason wouldnt let me go wake Sadie up.  So we just put our babies to bed and then proceeded to stay up til 3am talking, because we are crazy and forget that we have kids that wake up at like 6.  Seriously, I got like 2 hours of sleep.  But thats okay.  It was 2 hours in a super comfy bed, cause Nathan and Kaitlin were so nice and let us take over their bedroom.

SO the babies woke up bright and early and it was magical seeing these two together again!!!!   

Just be prepared, for the rest of their lives, when they are together, there will be a million pictures of them.  Its just too amazing not to. 

Who doesn't love babies being forced to be together for pictures?? 

We sorta just spent the whole morning hanging.  Its always so great hanging out with Nate & Kait, because they like doing the exact same things that we do -- eating and playing with babies and quoting the Office.  Its awesome.

But then we finally got around to getting up and getting ready and going out and doing something 

We went to Sconecutter, because that is my FAVORITE place in Salt Lake.  Like really, I would consider moving back to that city just for those scones!!!  

Then we went to Sugarhouse park to eat 

Are you kidding me with that face?? 

It was a beautiful day 

And it was so fun being back in my old neighborhood 

Ahhhh they are sooooo sweet together!!!! 

Cousin pictures are always so impossible.  haha  But we got one cute one. 

After the park we drove around downtown a little bit and then got some drinks and doughnuts and went back to hang out while the babies napped 

Nathan took that opportunity to play with Clark and Kalvin and all his recording equipment  

And they loved it 

Except when Nathan put effects on the vocals that made their voices super low and Kalvin thought that it was monsters and ran out of the room crying.  haha 
After naps we drove up the canyon to go to Ruth's, another one of my favorite places

But no one else had ever been there, so it was fun 

It was chilly, so Sadie wore Clark's jacket and it was an epic moment for pictures!!! 

It was such a nice dinner and evening with them.   

We went to bed a tad bit earlier that night, but still too late.  haha 

But Sunday morning my kids all slept in til like 9 and it rocked. 

We did our best at putting off leaving 

Kaitlin made us the most amazing dinner ever and I ate waaayyy too much 

But then we had to leave and it was so sad. 

I love that city and I love Nathan's adorable little family.  It makes me so happy to be with them!!  But we had a good drive home and can get back to normal here and look forward to seeing them again soon!!!  I can't wait to get my hands on Sadie again!!! 

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