Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spring is a Beautiful Thing

I was suppose to go to Reno today.  Kalvin has had this allergy testing scheduled forever.  But I woke up this morning after a long night with Jonas (who somehow managed to wiggle out of his diaper at 3am) and seeing the rain drops beating against the glass doors in my room, I just sooo didnt want to have to drive an hour and a half to a doctor appointment.  But, I got up to go anyway and walked out to the livingroom to find a ball of Kalvin and blankets on the couch and Kal looked up at me with goopy, bloodshot eyes and I realized there would be no Reno today.  The little buddy has pinkeye :(  I think I would have preferred going to Reno, but oh well.  At least we don't have to drive in the rain.  

I love it when it rains here and its a bonus when we don't have to go anywhere in it.  I love just sitting in our cozy house and watching it.  It really is one of my most favorite things.   Add some hot chocolate and no one will see me out of my house for days.

The weather here has been perfect lately.  Our yard is all green and lush again like when we first saw it and decided to buy it.  I know we are still in the desert here in Lovelock, but its a much greener desert than what we are use to down in southern NV.   

Ohhh that face 

This boy is a serious army crawler all the sudden.  He has been trying for a couple weeks, but all the sudden something clicked and hes all over the place.  He is so fast now.  I love it!  Its so nice that he can move around a little bit on his own and entertain himself. 

I have realized that Brad and I make very restless babies!  All our boys have just hated life as a baby.  They are cranky and frustrated and bored, but then as soon as they can move and talk and do things on their own a little bit, then they are just as content and happy as can be.  Most Mama's dread when their babies become mobile, cause they get harder, but not me.  The more my kids can move the better. 

Then they can just be as happy and crazy as Kalvin.  Easiest toddler ever. 

Jonas is loving his solid foods.  He loves peaches and strawberries.  The whole spoon situation still makes him a little mad.  He doesn't understand why we actually have to remove the spoon from his mouth in order to put more food on it, but we're working on it.  And because of the massive amounts of food this boy is putting away, he has started being pretty awesome at sleeping!!!  Yay!!  Still not through the night every night, but maybe like 50 %.  We are getting there. 

We got to have some little friends come play with us for a whole day and Clark and Kal were so happy.  But then when we had dinner with their parents that evening, they gave us the WORST news.  Our good friends, Josh & Kim are moving :(  I could not be more sad.  Actually, Clark might be more sad.  He seemed pretty upset that Sadie was leaving him.  We are excited for their new adventure, but are going to miss them so so so much. 

We decided to drive out to the ghost town called Seven Trophs thats like 30 miles outside of town.  We have driven by before, but never walked around and really looked around before. 

So we packed some sandwiches and made an afternoon of it 

The boys loved exploring all the old, empty houses 

They found some bottle caps and a perfectly round rock, so I guess the trip was a success.  

Scout was in heaven too, stealing our sandwiches and chasing lizards 

It really was pretty cool out there.  There are so many old, abandoned mining towns in this area.  I cant imagine living back then in these scary little huts in the middle of nowhere. 

Scout wasnt the only one catching lizards 

Clark was super mad that the lizard pooped on him 

Scout got carsick and threw up.  On me.  So Brad put her up on his lap to hang out the window and she totally just jumped out the window while we were driving.  Stupid dog!  Luckily we were going really slow and she was fine.  haha 

There is only like 2 weeks of school left and we are getting so excited for Summer!!!   

Our calendar is filling up fast though and I am just hoping that we don't end up being too busy.  We are going to need some seriously lazy days this Summer! 

I am excited to have all my boys home with me again.  We've missed Clarky lots.  Especially Kalvin though.   

Clarky is ready to have a break too I think.  I imagine he'll start missing school fairly quickly, because he does love it, but he has seemed a little burned out lately.  He is bored with the homework and he told me the other day that he is just so tired of all the mean kids at school.  :(  Breaks my heart.  He told me that there were some kids at school who called him "apple juice" and "old man".  I didnt even know that those were insults, but he seemed sad about it.  He is so sweet and not at all aggressive.  Brad told him that if kids at school are pushing or hitting him, that he needs to push or hit back and Clark just looked at him and said, "No Dad, I don't do that."  haha He is just adorable.  And he needs a good summer break for sure!   

Kalvin is growing so fast.  Brad and I were talking about how we just barely ever see glimpses of babyness in him anymore.  We miss it.  Luckily he is still cuddly and lets us hold him and carry him sometimes.  When he sleeps I still see some baby in him.  And when he calls his flipflops, "flipperfloppers".  I just cant correct him.  Its all I have left! 

And how is this darling angel 6 months already??  He is so huge and changing everyday.  I may have taken like a thousand pictures of the top of his head the other day, because I just don't want to forget any of his perfect, tiny baby features. 

He is getting to be so fun.  I love seeing more of his personality come out.  He laughs and smiles lots, but generally seems to be more on the serious side of things.  He observes and takes everything in, but doesnt put too much out.  He is so coy.  haha  He's happy, but not overly expressive.  I see a lot of Clark in him.  He seems more serious and more intense.  But he has got Kalvin's aggressiveness.  He reminds me a lot of Clark as a baby though. 

And thats just fine with me.  Clark's intensity proves to be so adorable and entertaining! 

Only time will tell what this monkey has in store for us 

As the second counselor in the Relief Society, I am in charge of all the RS activities and I had my very first one that I did by myself.  We put together care packages for misionaries.   

It went well.  Its a small ward, but gosh do I love all these ladies! 

And I love that I can go do all these things and not worry about the kids, cause Brad is so good at taking over and handling everything.  I'm pretty lucky I have him :) 

We had a community clean up day here this week.  Its so cute to see everybody out washing windows, fixing fences, sweeping parking lots.  Clark's school class went down and planted flowers all along main street and down at the court house.  He was quite proud of himself. 

Well I at this moment have a baby sound asleep on my chest and I need to go soak it all in.  Its not going to last very long.

And neither is this beautiful rain 

Or this beautiful Spring season 

Happy almost Summer, friends!!! 

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