Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First Day of First Grade

I woke my little buddy up bright and early... and he was so not happy.  I made him chocolate chip muffins and got hi little lunch ready and took far too many pictures and annoyed my poor little boy to no end.   

After a little breakfast and waking up a little more, he was so excited. 

He kept telling me that he was so glad that he is not a little kindergartener anymore.  It was the sweetest.  He started to get a little nervous on our way over to the school.  I walked him in and found his class room.  His teacher this year is Mrs. Houston and she is the sweetest!  So perfect for Clark.  He was very shy and didnt want to talk to her or anyone else.  But he was super excited that he has his very own desk!  No more sitting at a table like a baby ;) 

Finally it was time to go.  I walked him to his recess doors and he just hugged me and didnt let go for a really long time.  I finally talked him in to going out to play.  He walked through the very first set of doors, stopped and looked through the window in the door to see if I was still there and he waved at me.  Then he slowly walked through the second set of doors, looked back through the window and me and waved.  Then he just stood there for the longest time, scanning the playground.  Then he just bolted.  Im guessing he must have seen a kid he knew or something. 

Brad picked him up after school and he told us all about his day.  He has a few kids in his class that he knows.  He likes his teacher a lot and she is going to have a baby soon.  He got tripped by two boys at recess and it made him a little sad.  He was super excited because he gets to go in section 1 of the library now, not just the kindergarten section.  He only had juice and cookies from his lunch and didnt eat anything else. 

So for the most part, it was a good day.  He thinks he is really going to like first grade, even though he said that its a lot harder then kindergarten was.  He has lots more work and I think it will be a little more challenging for him, so thats good.  He said that his teacher is so nice and lets his class get long drinks of water and lets them lay down and rest sometimes and he likes that a lot, because then its quiet.  haha 

After school we had to go to Fernley to pick something up, so we decided to go to a chinese restaurant for dinner to celebrate school starting. 

The food was just awful!  haha  But Clark, being a first grader now, decided to try a little bit of everything (which is sooooo not like him) and said that he even liked the peking duck lettuce wraps.  My boy is growing up! 

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