Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Waiting so patiently  

Jonas had a doc appointment and had to get some shots.  He was teething and was so fussy from the immunizations and it was just the saddest. 

Getting their chores done.  We are in tomato heaven over here :) 

We made homemade pizza.  Not too bad, but I always have a hard time with the crust.  I am very picky about my pizza crust! 

I am always so sad when my babies get too big for a sink bath.  I love it and am enjoying his chubby babyness while it lasts. 

One of Brad's patients gave him tickets to an Ace's game in Reno.  We spent the whole day in the city running errands and things and then we got to the game a little early.  Our seats were right up next to the field, so when one of the players cracked his bat during warming up, he came over and handed it to Kalvin.  It was so sweet and totally made Kal's day!  He was so proud of that bat and didnt want to put it down for a second. 

It was a fun night!  A good, close game. 

Jonas was crazy restless and just wanted to get down and put everything in his mouth.  So after 4 hours of wrestling him, my arms were soooo tired.  But he learned how to wave during the game and was so proud of himself and it was adorable! 

The boys were a little restless, so we got them some popcorn and that helped keep them still for a little bit.  But I think overall, they had a good time. 

It was a memorable evening out with our boys :) 

It has been cooling off quite a bit lately and I am loving it so much!  And that means HOT TUB TIME AGAIN! 

Our garden is a little out of control.  There are vines everywhere and we are loving all the good stuff on them. 

{ Brad changing the oil.  He hates me and my camera sometimes. } 

Resting after a long day of weeding the garden 

We broke out the croquet set last week 

And now its all our little buddies want to do 

Jonas decided to wake up extra early one morning and found his shadow on the wall.  He spent a good 30 minutes playing with it and talking to it. 

What I come home to see every morning after taking Clark to school 

I was super ambitious one day and made a bunch of pickles.  Haven't tried them yet, but heres hoping they dont suck.  Brad and I bottled a ton of Salsa too, but I dont have a pic of that. 

Sometimes there are these moments that happen and I just can't believe the cuteness in my life 

And then my heart explodes 

Ohhhh am I ready for Fall moments!! 

New doggy door or baby door?? 

Finally cold enough out to build a fire in the fire pit 

They loved the giant marshmallows 

His first taste of pure sugar 

Happy days here adjusting to this new school year and new season 

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