Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hunting, First Steps, and Halloween Time

Kiddos watching tv and Jonas trying to steal my heart with that smile

I suppose its time for an update.  Things have been going great over here.  I spent a few days getting ready for a little garden party I did for a Relief Society activity.  I did it in my backyard so I could get everything set up during the day without hauling all my kids somewhere.  Plus I thought it might be a nice change of pace.  I got to get out a bunch of my old teacups and old books for the center pieces and that was fun.  I love my teacups :)   

It went really well and we actually had a much better turn out than I thought we would.  Good food and lots of sweet ladies. 

We invited the Young Women to join us and they performed a song about faith or us and it was beautiful! 

Jonas turned 10 months.  I just can't believe how fast this first year is going by.   

He is so perfect and so fun 

I love Scout's face in this photo! haha Kal has got a lot of love for that dog. 

He is obsessed with getting into the kitchen cupboards and Im going out of my mind 

We had to say goodbye to more friends who moved out of Lovelock.  It was sad.  We've lost a lot of friends over the last few months.  If anyone else leaves Lovelock, I am going to lose it! 

Ahhhhhh Sunday football snuggles with my tiny man :) 

Its been cooling off soooo much and garden has just about frozen and quit producing 

The rain has been magical and always inspires hot cocoa and unproductive days :) 

Brad went on an elk hunt with family and friends and he was so excited 

He left on Wednesday and didnt come back til Sunday night 

But the man loves hunting so much, I tried not to complain to much  

This was the area they were at.  Isn't it pretty?  They had horses, but he only rode them a little bit.  He spent most days hiking on foot and he said that it was exhausting, but a lot of fun.  The nights were really cold and he got to spend a lot of time just being with his family and thats his favorite part of hunting.  Just being out in the mountains with no distractions and spending time together. 

In the group that he was in, there were 3 tags t fill, and while he was there, only 1 was filled.  I cropped out the blood in the pic, cause it freaks me out. 

So while Brad was gone, Im not going to lie, we were pretty darn lazy.  Lots of cereal dinners, lots of movies, lots of napping, lots of hanging out in the hot tub watching the boys play with a million of their toys they threw in there. 

The most exciting thing that happened while Brad was gone was Jonas walking!!!  Yeah, I know.  About two hours after Brad left, we were watching a movie and Jonas was sitting in the middle of the livingroom floor.  And then with no warning, he just stood up in the middle of the room and took of running!  I was freaking out.  He took like 10 steps!  All at once.  He probably would have taken more, but I started screaming and I think I scared him.  haha I called Brad and told him and then texted him a video.  He was a little bummed out that he missed it.  And then I spent the next 5 hours just filming Jonas walking.  I still can't believe it.  Hes too young for this!!!  He still crawls if he wants t get somewhere fast, but he walks little bits everyday and is always sooo proud of himself.  Its the cutest thing in the entire world. 

The older boys got their hair cut and are all studly  

We decided t try something new with Clarks hair and Im so inlove with it 

He is so handsome 

Sunday was their primary program.  It was Kalvin's first time in one and they were both so precious.  Jonas kept screaming "Clark" through the entire thing. 

Another huge milestone for Jonas (or maybe more for me) is that we sleep trained him, finally.  We did it way earlier with the other boys.  I dont know why it took me longer to be ready this time around, but I was finally sleep-deprived enough to go for it.  First night, cried for 30 minutes, fell asleep, woke up twice in the night and screamed for an hour or so.  Then the rest of the nights after that, nothing.  Maybe a little crying here or there for like 5 minutes, but thats it.  Last night when Brad put him down, he didnt make a sound.  Its been a dream.  I have so much more energy in the morning.  I feel like a real person again and its been an awesome week! 

I had to go into see my rheumatologist the other day.  Good news: all my labs have been coming back solid and Im not having any negative reactions to the meds.  Bad news: the medication I have been taking isn't enough to combat my RA.  Bummer.  I am still having too much pain and have too much inflammation.  So now I get to start another medication that is going to be paired with the stuff I have been on and see if that helps.  I really dont want to be on so much medication everyday, but I have to keep reminding myself that if I dont take it, I will be in a lot of pain and not be able to function or move.  I have to keep thinking back to before I was on my medicine and how swollen my joints were and how I couldnt bend my fingers or hardly walk.  Its worth it.  I know it is.  So hopefully this new medicine works.

After the doctor I got to go to Target unsupervised and buy Halloween stuff and it was amazing!!!  And then I got to go to Sonic and get a cherry limeaide, so that cheered me up. 

Clark has started Soccer and had his very first game and it was so freaking cute!!!  He is actually pretty darn good.  I was impressed with how aggressive he was out there.  I don't see that side of his personality very often, but apparently sports bring it out in him. 

We put up a bunch of Halloween decoration and its making me crazy happy 

The kids were bouncing off the walls excited about all of it.   

I love this time of year so much!  Especially having kids in my life to share it with. 

Today is the one year anniversary of the day we got the keys to our home.  Thats day was such a good day!  And I love our little house more everyday.   

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