Saturday, February 13, 2016


December was kind of magical and wonderful and I was in love with every day of it

We drove up to Fencemaker and played in the snow and cut down a christmas tree 

My whole life I've always wanted to do that, so it was kind of a big deal 

Putting up christmas lights 

Decorating the tree.  They love taking out all the ornaments and talking about each one and remembering where we got them.  I love it. 

Helping me make homemade mints 


Taking treats around to neighbors and friends 

Christmas Eve was a happy day 

I am so in love with these people 

Our traditional Christmas Eve photo.  I think this is my favorite one yet. 

playing uno while we wait for Santa 

Clark said that he heard slay bells 7 times outside his window ;) 

I adore watching them go through their stockings and compare 

That sleepy smile  
Clark helping Scout with her stocking 

Scout wasnt a huge fan of the sweater santa brought her, but I loved it 

They had been asking us for kiddi zoomers for seriously an entire year 

I have never seen kids have so much fun with a toy.  They are obsessed with this thing. 

Our delicious Christmas dinner of Prime Rib and twice baked potatoes and the dinner table lit up by the light of the deer antler candelabra that I bought Brad as a joke that he is now making me display in our livingroom. 

The day after Christmas we drove up to water canyon to play in the snow 
It was so freezing and so fun

A couple days later we went home to Overton to spend the rest of december with Brads family 

We love to see family and these poor boys are doomed to lifetime of photos together everytime we have a family get-together. haha 

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