Saturday, February 13, 2016


Ahhhh the new year!! I can honestly say I have never been more excited for a new year to begin.

We got to ring in 2016 back home and then we made the 8 hour drive back to Lovelock with our little buddies. 

Back to school and back to work 

back to normal life.  Good thing we love our normal life. 

We got a fun surprise one morning.  Snow!!!  I woke up to Clark shaking me and telling me that he had a present outside in the yard for me. 

Ahhhhh so pretty!!!  I absolutely love snow. 

And pretty much the entire month of January had snowy days in it.   

So this month I started teaching dance again and thats been one of the best things ever! 

I have rented out the old bank building on Main Street and sort of turned it into my little studio 

I have had the most amazing support from the community and at the moment have 6 classes 

I get to go a few evenings a week and teach kids to love to dance as much as I do and its a dream come true 

Our sweet Clarky turned 7 

We took him to Reno to go to Chuck-e-cheese and he was the happiest boy in the world 

Kal was pretty happy too 

We took them to a movie after and they were pretty happy about that too 

He opened his presents  

And it made me think about his first birthday when we gave him 3 little trucks and new pjs and he was happy.  Now he wants things like skateboards. 

He was very insistent that I make him a birthday cake that was a dead t-rex with a bullet hole and a bloody spot.  I did my best to oblige.

And he seemed pretty happy about it 

He wanted the whole head and Kal wanted the bloody spot 

Thank you January for all the snow, dance classes and a really fun 7th birthday :) 

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