Saturday, February 13, 2016


I have been the worst at blogging lately.  After October sorta lost my blogging mojo.  I was thinking it wasnt that big of a deal and then I went to upload my pictures from the last 3 months and realized that I only had 673 pictures.  Thats it.  Me, the person who takes 5000 pictures a day, only took 673 pictures over 3 months.  I was so sad!!!  I love pictures and they've always been so important to me.  So obviously this blog helps keep me motivated to take pictures and keep them all organized and stuff.  So I am going to recap the last few months and hopefully be better on top of this.  

Soooo for Novemeber we had a pretty busy month, but we also ate popcorn 

Growing so fast 

My baby turned one year old 

He is so amazing and so darling and so crazy and I feel so lucky that he is mine 

Oh my sweet little boys 

They are so crazy and I love it 

My boys colored me pictures 

I turned 30.  I was super freaked out, but it passed and I enjoyed the day 

Brad took me on a date to the place called Loulou's that was amazing and then to a movie. 

Just chillin' 

Thanksgiving was great.  We stayed home and did an easy, laid-back holiday and it was perfect. 

Our little pilgrim and indian braves :) 

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