Monday, March 5, 2012

Love At Home

We love these boys so much!!!  And they clearly love each other a lot too :)  They make us so happy and I seriously cant believe how adorable they are!!
Clark found a Roly Poly and was trying to "wake him up" with a stick.
Brad all dressed up like a Physical Therapist.  So cute.  Can you tell how annoyed he is that I am taking a picture? haha
Clark was helping me with some chores.  I told him he needed to dust and he took off.  I later found him dusting his cars.
Brad broke the shifter cable in his car the other day. 
We took it in and found out it was gonna cost $800.00 to fix.  So Brad, being the amazing guy he is, decided to figure out how to do it himself.  Took a few hours of work and its good as new.  So gateful for his determination!!  He saves us a lot of money being so stuborn :)
Clark wanted to work on his car, like dad
UNLV pride!!!  (thanks Brady and Jessica)
Kalvin's not so sure about this...
Underwear and shoes.  Pretty good look.
Love these faces!!!!!
Clark thinks its so funny when I put Kalvin in bed with him.

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