Thursday, March 1, 2012

Colonial Girl Quilt

This is the "Colonial Girl" quilt that I recieved for my wedding.  Its a Merkley family tradition.  My little brother, Nathan is getting married next month and so he and his wife-to-be, Kaitlin, got theirs and it reminded me of getting mine.  I love them and I love the tradition!  It started when my Grandma Merkley was young.  Her two brothers, Vernon and Shirley had just returned home from WWII and both became engaged to the girls that had been waiting for them.  They both planned to be married on Dec. 19th 1946.  My Great-Grandma really wanted to make them each a quilt as a wedding gift, but due to the war, there was little fabric anywhere.  They searched for a long time and couldnt find a single store with any fabric.  My Great-Grandmother was really sad about it.  On her way back from Salt Lake City, she stopped in Heber for lunch.  She went into a little store and the shop-keeper could see that she had been crying and asked her what was wrong.  (she had thought that maybe a loved one had died in the war)  My Great-Grandmother explained her situation and the shop-keeper excused herself, went into the back room and came out with a bolt of light blue fabric and gave it to my Great-Grandmother.  My Grandma said that she had never seen her mother so happy before.  There was no time to make a quilt before the wedding, so they cut and appliqued a Colonial Girl onto the fabric and made it into a quilt.  Ever since, its been a tradition in my Grandma's family.  My Grandma makes them all for our family.  She is amazing and one of my heros!  I hope to carry on the tradition, so I suppose I should learn to sew much better.  I love the story and just wanted to make sure its written down.

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