Friday, March 2, 2012

My Childhood

My parents came for a visit!!!
Clark wearing Grandpa's watch
Mom and Dad are moving to Idaho.  So they have been boxing up their house and decided to bring me boxes of stuff from my childhood that I have been storing there at the house
Going through all my old stuff was so awesome!!!
All my old doll house stuff made me realize that I infact do need a daughter one day
My favorite books and Polly Pockets!!!  That Polly Pocket clock was like my favorite toy of all time
Yep.  The first book I ever wrote... about a pencile... that gets kidnapped by a mouse.... who is making a car... out of penciles.  Im a little bit worried that posting this on here will mean that someone out there might steal this awesome idea for a book, but its worth the risk, I guess
More of my awesome childhood talents on display..  My art work and poetry.
Greatest note from my sister!!  A stick of gum and a quarter.. come on Autumn!?
Remember the Blue Bird Apartemnts, Autumn??
Hahahaha  I dont know what this is all about, but I love it!!  I just wonder who I told on..
Dance competitions!!  Good memories :)
A shoe box full of notes from middle school/ high school.  hahaha  Mostly from Caitlin and Kristen.  ( guys, we have a lot to be embarassed about!!  hahaha)
......And the best thing I found...  Me and Nathan's secret language from when we were really young.  Let me just say, we were awesome.
There is sooo much more stuff that was absolutely amazing seeing again.  Im so glad that I was a pack-rat even as a child!!


  1. hahaha that secret language reminds me of when You, Nathan, Charity, and I used to play those games where ... well, I do believe it was quite complicated, but each set of siblings spoke a different "language", etc...
    That statement makes no sense, but the games of childhood can be too complicated to explain I think. lol

  2. Hahahaha the secret language!! I love it. I also loe the picture of Kalvin laying across clark's lap. Looks like he's posing hahahha

  3. We totally tried making our own language too.. thing was.. it was so tricky that even we couldn't remember how to speak it or understand it... mom saved a bunch of my stuff too.. she's cleaning her house and has been giving me different stuff too.. its fun to go through.. I have a whole popcorn tin(you know the kind they have at Christmas with 3 different kinds of popcorn in them) FULL of notes from middle school... oh the drama of teenage girls