Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thrift Store Shopping

I found these super creepy clowns that you stack on top of each other at a thrift store the other day. 
I love thrift stores!!!  I have found some amazing deals!!
Seriously, how creepy are those clowns?!?!
I found this at a thrift store in new condition for $20.00.  A month later, Brad and I were at Deseret Book and saw the exact same one for $75.00.  Awesome!!!
These were 50 cents each and I love them
I got these for $3.00 and they are in great condition and perfect for my brother's wedding next month!
Books are expensive!!!  Not at thrift stores though.  These were $1.00 each and brand new.  I find soooo many good deals on books.
This is the coat I just bought.  I'd been needing one and coats are so expensive too!!  I found this with the tags still on for $9.00.  I think that even if I were a millionaire, I would shop at thrift stores every now and again :)

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  1. Good finds.. the clowns are a little creepy but I love the jacket