Sunday, January 13, 2013

Avacados and Tomatoes

This is the picture I took of Brad on my phone when we were dating.  Its the picture that would pop up everytime he called me and I'd get so excited.  For that reason, this picture still makes me so happy!!

When Brad and I met, I hated avacados.  I remember someone referring to them as "rhino snot" when I was a kid, so I wouldnt go anywhere near them.  I wouldn't eat red meat, let alone cook it.  I refused to ever even try sea food.  Lobsters and crabs are just the giant bugs of the ocean.  Because I've never been a real competative person, I never watched or played sports.  Now.... I LOVE avacados!  I definately cook red meat and must admitt, I do enjoy the occational steak as long as its well-done.  I still dont like sea food, but I've tried it.  I also enjoy watching a football game every now and again. (understanding the sport has helped a lot :) )  Still not real competative, but Brad finds a way of bringing it out in me a little bit.  (I think just for his own entertainment)    

When Brad and I met, Brad hated tomatoes.  He always said that they were squishy and tastless.  He hated spinach and asparagus.  He teased me relentlesly about being a Dance Major in school.  When I would call him after class and tell him I had had a long day in the studio, he would say, "yeah all that rolling around on the floor while some weirdo plays a drum is tough work".  He was always sure that "girl power" music was the worst thing ever.  He was always super grossed out by feet.  Even if they weren't gross.  Just not a foot person.  Now... Brad LOVES tomatoes!  We eat them on everything.  He loves spinach and asparagus.  And while he would never take a dance class or go to the ballet solo, he has really come to appreciate the art.  He still teases me a lot about my girl music, but has admitted to liking a total of 3 songs so far.  (He so wont be happy that I wrote that)  And he still thinks feet are gross, except mine :)  He rubs them often and tells me how pretty they are.  Maybe he is lying to spare my feelings, but I'll take it.

Brad and I have a lot in common, but we are also very different.  Some things have changed over our 6 years together and there are some things that will probably never change.  Im glad though.  Im glad we are so different.  Brad has helped me like and understand and appreciate things I probably never would have without him and vise-versa.  We push each other.  We make the other one think.  We still havent run out of things to talk/argue about.  Im so glad!  Im so glad I married someone who challenges me.  Someone who not only got me to eat rhino snot, but to love it.  Its a good way to live.  So whenever we disagree or hit road blocks in communication, we just sit down and have some avacado and tomato, relish in the victories and remember how much we love each other.

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