Thursday, January 24, 2013

Heart of Gold

Today my baby turns 4.  Today is Clark's Birthday.  I cannot even begin to express how happy I am that this tiny person came into my life.  He is amazing.  I am constantly surprised by how sweet and smart he is.  The name, "Clark" means "Scholar" and its so very fitting!  He is such a little thinker.  Always so many questions and he always remembers the answers we give him.  He is so funny too!  Who knew a toddler could be witty :)  But he totally is.  He has a heart of gold!  So kind to everyone and so loving.  I could seriously go on for hours and hours about this boy, but the best way to sum it all up is this:  He was so meant to be my first child!  You know why?  Because he is so sweet, so honest and obedient, so patient and forgiving, so all-around wonderful, that he makes me feel like a good Mom!  I seriously have so many people comment on what an amazing child he is.  They always ask me what I did to get him to be the way he is.  They always say, "How did you get him to like carrots over ice cream?" or "How did you get him to sleep in until 8:00am everyday?" They always say they wish he was their child.  What Mom wouldnt feel like "Mom of the Year" hearing stuff like that?  Everyday, this boy makes me feel like "Mom of the Year".  He makes me feel like I know what Im doing.  He gives me the courage to have more kids.  Even though I know that him being the way he is has nothing to do with me!  Like seriously, nothing.  I dont know why he likes carrots over ice cream.  I dont.  He was born that way.  He was born a perfect little boy who came to earth to teach us to be happier.  To be better.  To be more like him.  We are a very blessed family to have him!  Happy Birthday to my baby!!!  

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