Sunday, January 20, 2013


A few weeks ago we decided we should plan a day to go play in the snow.  Then, we thought we may as well spend the night wherever we go.  Then we thought, "well since we're staying one night, we may as well stay two nights". 
We went to Cedar City!!  Of course :)  We have missed it since coming back to Vegas after the Summer there.  Plus, we can never pass up an opportunity to see Scott and Emily!!
As soon as we drove into Cedar, we just kept right on going up into the mountains
We totally saw an eagle just sitting out on the frozen lake, fishing.  We were wishing we had a better camera so that we could have got some better pictures, but oh well.
Later we checked into our hotel, had some dinner with Scott and Em and then decided to go for a swim.  We had to walk outside in our swimming suits to get to the pool and it was freezing.  So.. Emily and I may have worn our boots and coats with our swimming suits and looked kinda like street walkers. 
The kids loved the water.  Kalvin wanted nothing to do with the pool though.  He liked the warm jacuzzi.  Clark kept going back and forth between the two though.
Kalvin was a little bit sick and one night when we were all in bed, he just wouldnt fall asleep.  So, Brad went and got him out of his crib and put him in bed with us.  Just as they were snuggled in, Kalvin started coughing so hard that he made himself throw up.  It was all over him and Brad and our bed!  So gross!  So we were up at midnight, showering and scrubbing  and changing bedding.  So fun.
Our day of sledding was so fun!!  The kids were in heaven!
Brad's always so entertaining
Clark went down the hill all by himself, the little daredevil!
We had some wonderfully lazy mornings sleeping in and then eating breakfasts of bananas and chocolate milk while we watched "AFV".  Clark thinks that show is so funny. 
Before we drove home, we had to stop at the canyon park and get just a few more minutes in the snow
Now that we have thoroughly enjoyed winter, Im very ready for Spring :)

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