Friday, January 25, 2013

Clark's 4th Birthday

The morning of Clark's Birthday we woke up to him shaking us and telling us that we needed to come see the streamers and balloons and presents in the livingroom.  So we all got up and had some breakfast.  We made him a #4 shaped pancake.
Then we opened presents.  He was so spoiled!!  He got a his own tool box full of his own little tools, a Diego telescope, a Diego toddler tough digital camera, lots of cars, a Hooked on Phonics word master, even more cars from his Aunt Kaitlin and Uncle Nathan, a card with money from G & G Robison and rollerskates from G & G Merkley.  Spoiled!!!
He had so much fun playing with all his new toys.  This is like the most awesome picture ever!!
We took a little drive down to the airport to watch the airplanes.  He had so much fun taking pictures of the planes with his camera
We enjoyed a nice lunch at Joe's Crab Shack.  It was pretty good.  Kalvin LOVED the fish.  Ive never seen him eat anything so fast.
I even tried crab.  It wasnt bad at all.  Usually its the texture that always freaks me out with sea food, but crab was good.  I even manned up and used the little tool to crack them open myself.  Brad was so proud.
He wasn't super happy that they sang "Happy Birthday" to him and made him wear this dumb crab.  It was pretty funny.
Then we came home and watched "Cars" and made pizza.  Then I put the finishing touches on his cake.  He was very impressed.  It wasnt perfect, but he loved it, so Im happy.
Plus, it was tasty!!
Happy Birthday to our 4 year old!!!!!!!

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