Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Saddest Day

A few weeks ago, our little Kalvin got sick.  We took him to the doctor and they said he had Bronchiolitis.  We got him some medicine and he started doing much better.  Then, on March 25th, suddenly he got sick again.  It got much worse that night.  We were up all night long.  Finally, at about 4am, he was really struggling to breathe.  He looked like a little bullfrog, the way his whole body was working to take one little breath.  His hearth was racing and we just didnt feel good about how things were looking.  Brad gave him a blessing and then he took our little man to the ER at Mountain View Hospital.  And I waited.  That sucked.  I sat on the couch freaking out for a good two hours before Brad texted me the above picture and said that they ran some tests and that they were going to transfer him via ambulance to Summerlin Hospital so he could be admitted.  Thats when I really started to freak out!!  I started to get things together.  I called my wonderful sister-in-law, Pauline who said she would take me to the Hospital to pick up our car (since Brad would be riding in the ambulance with Kal) and take Clark back home with her, so I could stay at the hospital.  Clarky woke and stumbled out of his room asking where Kalvin was.  He gave me his magnadoodle to give to Kalvin, so Kalvin "wouldnt be scared". 
Then Brad texted us, Pauline picked us up and dropped me at the Hospital and I raced to Summerlin.  Is that not the saddest thing in the entire world??  He is so tiny!!
Brad said that the paramedics were awesome with him.  One even got out his ipad so Kalvin could watch "Cars" for the trip. 
I got to the hospital before they did.  They took me up to wait in his room and the second I put my stuff down, they wheeled him in.  That was the saddest part!  Actually seeing him all strapped down and stuff.  He didnt see me at first, but Brad did and he looked relieved to see me.  He said it was pretty hard all morning, seeing Kal crying and sick and scared.  As soon as I could hold Kalvin though, I felt a million times better!!!!  I didnt want to put him down the rest of the day!!!  He was such a trooper, I couldnt believe it!!!  All the breathing treatments and taking blood and the IV and strangers poking and prodding him and he took it all in stride.  He was so sweet and hardly cried.  He just laid there and held on tight to his Goobey.  Everyone was inlove with him and he barely slept, cuz people kept wanting to poke their heads in to see him and somment on how adorable he was.  The doctor and nurses and everyone was just amazing and we were so impressed!!  The doctor said that what happened was that Kalvin caught a virus that caused and asthma attack.  Well, he said if the child is under 6, its called airway restrictive disease, but that its basically the same thing as asthma.  And it doesnt mean that he is going to have asthma.  This could be the one and only time he ever has an attack.  So he said that as soon as Kal could go 4 hours breathing easily between breathing treatments, we could go home.  Yay!! 
So we finally got Kal to go to sleep for a bit and Brad and I had a tasty lunch of a protein bars and watched "Full House" and waited.  4 hours later, they let us take our baby home!!!  Yay!! Kalvin was so ready to go.  And, he was starving too.  We strapped him in the car and he started shouting, "nuggets! nuggets! nuggets!"  haha  So we got the boy some nuggets and picked up Clark and came home and rested and ate Pauline's delicious taco soup.  It was a rough few days of up all nighters and a baby hopped up on steroids and watching his breathing like a crazy person, but he is now so much better!!!  Thank heavens!!  Im so so so thankful for Hospitals and good doctors and nurses and medicine and Brad and the Priesthood and Family that you can rely on and friends who care and a ward who loves you and more than anything, a healthy baby!!!!


  1. Oh man, that had to have been so hard. Isn't such a relief when they are feeling better? I am so glad he is.

  2. :( :( :( I want to cry just reading this!! But so glad he's all better now!