Friday, May 31, 2013


-Sometimes I truly and honestly hate Summer.  Its this horrible heat.  I know Im from the desert, but I just cant handle it!!! 

-Sometimes I feel like certain shows that everyone loves are really stupid and then one day I wake up and all the sudden love them.  Its like the stars just have to align or something.  I've thought that 30 Rock was super boring for years and then I started watching it out of the blue last week and Im pretty sure its the funniest thing ever.  The episode where they keep referencing "Harry and the Hendersons" is what sold me on it.

-Sometimes I think my life would be complete if I had a $10,000.00 camera.
-Sometimes I am certain that Kalvin is the prettiest baby I have ever seen in my entire life.

-Sometimes I think my heart could explode with happiness every afternoon when Clark can hardly wait to wake Kalvin up from his nap, cuz he is just dying to play with him.

-Sometimes I cant decide weather I would be happier being a judge on "So You Think You Can Dance' or being a judge on "Master Chef".
-Sometimes I cant believe how awesome Clark is and that he gets to be my son.

-Sometimes I think its hilarious that Clark hides his favorite toys and snacks under the cushion of the recliner.. other times it just annoys me.

-Sometimes I wish that I lived in the 1940s... but with better cars and iphones and flat screen tvs and all my favorite shows and music and lots and lots of other things... I just like the thought of good people and morals and aprons and hats.
-Sometimes I crave pancakes.  That's a lie.  I always crave pancakes.

-Sometimes I am super jealous of Clark, because he gets to be 4 right now and wear a cape in public and the only pressing matter in his life is watching cartoons and stickers and lady bugs are the most precious things in the world... and he says things like "oh my barf".

-Sometimes I wish I could choose the length of my hair on a day to day basis, like those dolls from when I was a kid where you just push a button and her hair grows longer or gets shorter.  I always wanted one of those dolls.
-Sometimes I look at pictures of Coeur D'Alene Idaho and cant figure out why I don't live there.

-Sometimes I think about when me and my siblings decided we were all going grow up and buy an old theatre together and show all of our favorite old movies.

-Sometimes I feel really sick and dramatic and then Brad gets me yogurt and medicine and watches tv with me and I feel way better.

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