Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Clark's First Day of Preschool

Clark's first day of Preschool was yesterday, September 3rd.  He was so nervous, he didn't even eat any breakfast.  Just half a piece of bread and a few sips of milk and he was done. 

He has been so nervous about it for days.  He has been telling me that he doesn't want to go to school and that he doesn't want to leave me and that he doesn't want to make new friends.  But, he picked out a really cool Lightening McQueen backpack and decided to wear his favorite motorcycle shirt and he was ready to go.
It had rained all the night before, so it was a beautiful, cool morning.  Perfect for starting school :)

I sent Brad a picture of him and he said that it broke his heart that our boy is growing up so fast.  And that it was so strange to see his boy's "first day of school picture" right infront of the same wall where he had all of his "first day of school pictures" taken.
Clark's teacher's name is Mrs. Weatherford. 

There are six four year olds in his class.  three girls and three boys.
When we got there, he was very serious and straight-faced.  I could tell the little sweetie was so nervous still, but he didn't let it show at all.  He reminds me so much of his Dad sometimes.  He just takes it all in stride and does what needs to be done. 

He didn't even look back at me when I said goodbye, the little turkey. Im so proud of him!!
I watched the clock, just waiting for 11am so we could go pick him up.

He loved his first day and told me that he loves school and that he learned about the letter 'M' and that they had applesauce muffins.
Could not love this boy more!!!

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