Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ready for October!!

Another week down and almost another month gone
Have I mentioned how much we are loving living back in our small, quaint little town?
There is just very little stress and very little worry. 

Brad is lucky enough to work 2 days a week out here in Overton and its AWESOME!!!  He has time to spend the mornings with us and then gets to come home for an hour in the middle of the day to have lunch with us and hear all about Clarky's day at school and he is home again by 5pm on the dot.  I could get use to this having him around so much!
Kalvin helping Grandma make the turtles breakfast
Yes, I said turtles.  Grandma went out and bought baby turtles for the boys about a week after we moved and the kids are just nuts about them.  They are pretty cute and pretty low-maintenance pets.  They've named them Scoots and Scully.  Its still unclear if they will be staying with us or with Grandma come Summer and we're moving out.
The boys are doing a bang-up job of keeping G&G's house good and messy.
Lately, Im not going to lie, there has been a lot of dove hunting.  Gross!!  I'll never understand it, but it just makes Brad so happy.  And he thinks dove taste good, so whatever.  I tried it and its not terrible, but I wouldn't say its my meat of choice.  Because of all the hunting lately us girls decided we needed a day.  So we left the kids with the men and me, Emily and Lauralyn spent the day in St. George.  We went shopping, got our nails done by the worst nail tech's in the history of nail technicians, and ate the most delicious lunch at Kneaders!  The pumpkin cheesecake made me want to die and be buried in a pumpkin.  LOVE!!  And just the other night Brad took me out for sushi, since he is seriously obsessed.  It was okay I guess.  I liked one of the five different kinds we tried.  And even then, between the two, I'd take a big bowl of pasta over a tiger roll.  But Brad was just on cloud nine, so I have a feeling I'll be eating more sushi in the future.  And probably more dove.... 
Living with the in-laws really hasn't been bad at all.  They are just so easy to live with.  The boys are so happy to have their Grandma to spoil them and their Grandpa to help with projects and chores like dragging the garbage cans out to the curb and back. 
Brad has been so happy to be here spending so much time with his parents.  Lots of talks and teasing just like he loves.
I've been really enjoying all the company!  Sometimes I would get a little lonely on those days at home with just the kids and Brad being gone for 14 hours everyday.  And then he would get home and I'd talk him to death, the poor guy.  But here, I've always got people to talk to.  Grandpa's always ready and willing to discuss just about anything and for any length of time ;)
The basement is all unpacked and claimed now, I suppose.  Its nice and cool and comfy.  I'm sure we will just be freezing to death this winter though.  Sweaters and slippers here we come.
So aside from me stepping on a giant, crunchy spider in the middle of the night in my bare feet, its been going great here on Robison Ave. 
And my gosh this weather this week!!  Just when you think you hate Moapa Valley with everything in you, Fall rolls around and the doors and windows stay open and the smell of chimney smoke is in the air and you're just certain you couldn't love any place more.
Wally's is a staple in our lives.  It brings back so many memories and makes me so happy just getting drinks and going for a Fall drive.
Going to the park is an outing we've embraced... like, daily.
We're just always itching for a reason to be outside.
Kal gave us quite the scare when he disappeared on Saturday!  We searched the house and the yard and he was no where to be found.  Just as we were all starting to panic, I found him sound asleep under a blanket in Clark's bed.  I guess he got tired and put himself down for nap.  Crazy boy!!
Today is a beautiful Sunday and after finally getting through speaking in church (I've been so nervous.  Not Brad though.  Doesn't phase him one bit and he always does amazing!) and eating the most delicious pork roast with lots of family and relaxing in a house full of Halloween decorations, I cant help but feel so happy and so content. 
Yep.  We are ready to usher in October and all is gloriousness!!! 

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