Monday, September 16, 2013

Idaho Livin'

We were lucky enough to get to take a trip to Idaho to see lots of family over Brad's break before he started this next internship.  Nathan and Kaitlin were even able to drive up for a couple days too.

We left Friday night at like 10pm and drove all night.  The kids slept the whole way, except for when they both woke up while we were getting gas in Ely and freaked out because our car was being attacked by moths.  It was a nice drive.  I love long drives with new music and snacks and lots of good talks with Brad.  I live for these road trips together!
We arrived bright and early Saturday morning and woke the house up.  The weather was beautiful, so we played outside lots.  A very exciting moment was finding the most giant and disgusting spider in the garden and we all stared at it for a long time.  And then Shawn blew on it.  And then Jaden put a fake spider on Kaitlin's shoulder and she freaked out.
Showing off his muscles
Im so glad that Kalvin was less shy this trip and my family got to see more of his crazy personality!! 
Clark was in heaven mowing the lawn with Grandpa
Kalvin was in heaven with all the animals.
I really think we may need to get this boy a dog
Jaden and Clark are BFF's
We really didn't get too crazy.  We had a BBQ and played bad mitten.  Pretty Merkley Saturday.
Sunday was seriously spent just hanging out and talking and being lazy.  Mom made salsa from the garden that was amazing.
Nathan and Kaitlin's car battery went out and I was so hopeful that they would have to stay an extra day, but it didn't happen :(
We had tacos and watched "On Our Own", the most depressing movie ever that is a huge part of our childhood, because its always been a favorite of Heather's for some reason.
We had to say our sad goodbyes.
Nathan and Kaitlin left Sunday evening
Monday was lovely, even though poor Shawny had to work.
The rest of us got some chicken and biscuits and headed to this park in Boise with water to play in
Happy throwing rocks
And frisbees
Anything really
Grandma and Grandpa pulled out the rafts and Clark was so excited.  Kal was a little nervous at first.
But they both had lots of fun
After the park fun we went to the movie to see "Airplanes" and then went home, had some pizza and soaked up our last hours together.

After spending this time in Idaho with my family, there are two undeniable facts that remain:
1.  Shawn rocks at frisbee
2.  We don't spend nearly enough time with these people!!

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