Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kalvin's 2nd Birthday!!!

We woke Kalvin up at about 7am the morning of his Birthday.  First thing he always does in the morning when I get him up... check to see if Clark is still sleeping.
Me and my gorgeously perfect baby!!!
He and Clark were both SO happy about all the balloons and we had to literally drag them into the kitchen for breakfast.
Yes, cereal for his Birthday breakfast.  We've tried doing the whole 'big special birthday breakfast' thing, but sitting in front of a plate of waffles and whip cream, these boys always just ask for cereal.  So we don't even bother anymore.  haha
After eating we got the buddies dressed and their hair combed (which only lasts a matter of minutes) and we were ready for opening presents!
We got him a stack of books, cause this boy is nuts about them
Clarky had to get in on opening the next one
Kalvin's first little tricycle!!  He calls it his 'triceple' and love it so much.  Now he just needs to learn to ride it......
I cant believe my baby boy is 2!!
That this crazy mind has been being crazy for 2 whole years!!!
That this perfect tiny body we brought home from the hospital 2 years ago has grown so big and so tall and is so busy all the time.
My gosh we love this person!!
He has made our family so so happy
Things worked out so that Brad didn't have to go into work until like 9:30am, so he was able to take Kalvin out to test out the new trike.
He does not get the whole pedaling thing at all, but he is real good at yelling 'push me! push me!'
After a lovely morning we picked Clark up from school and got happy meals and headed to the park for a whole lot of time on the swings.
Then back home to open more presents.  This boy has a lot of people who love him!
For dinner we had chicken alfredo, cause his favorite is noodles and always eats so much that his tummy doubles in size.
I made him a chocolate pumpkin cake.  haha  It didn't turn out great, but I've never been very good at this whole 'pinterest cake' thing.
Brad decided to add a face and made it look even more.... interesting.  haha
Kal wasn't so sure about it
He asked if it was 'a big huge orange'  hahaha
All the family that lives here in town came over for some cake and ice cream and to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Kalvin
It was lovely and very memorable
And then in true Kalvin-form, he spent the rest of the night ignoring everyone who came to see him and sat and colored til bedtime.

Oh how we love this child!!  He has changed my life in all the best ways!!!

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