Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October!!!!!!

Last night for FHE we decided to head down to the good old MVHS to see the Moapa Valley Arts Council Community Talent Show.  It has been probably 10 years since Brad or I had been back in that auditorium.  It was so much fun!!!  Both Brad and I have preformed on that stage so many times throughout our young lives, so it brought back a lot of happy memories for the both of us.
The performances were great.  Lots of talent in this valley.  The boys really enjoyed it and were pretty taken with all the musical numbers. 

Walking out into the Fall evening onto those steps with crowds of people we've known our whole lives just made me feel like it was 15 years ago.  Like we were leaving one of my dance recitals or my older brothers play.  So surreal being back here sometimes!
It was such a perfect evening, we decided we needed ice cream and a little more time spent outside.  By the end, the boys were tired and covered in chocolate, but I just didn't want it to end.
Although, Im so glad it did, because today we woke up to October!!!!
My absolute favorite few weeks out of the entire year!!!
The weather, the sweaters, the pumpkins, the soup, the hot chocolate...
Everything makes me smile!!!
Happy October world!!!!!!!

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  1. Hey that is practically my backyard! Come knock on my door next time and we can play and pick pumpkins!