Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ode to My Dad

Today is my Dad's Birthday!!!  I love this picture and this man!!!  He is seriously one of the coolest people ever and I want to make sure everyone knows it for generations to come.  So... the following is a list of all of my favorite things about my Dad :)

1.  My Dad is quite literally the nicest person in the entire world.  Maybe he and my Grandma Merkley are tied for the nicest person in the world.. Im not sure.  But he is totally my Grandma Merkley.  Whenever my siblings and I talk about something that's really, unbelievably sad, we often say, 'its like as sad as someone being mean to Dad', because seriously there is just nothing more sad or ridiculous.  He is always in the service of others.  Always.  Its next to impossible to get him to do something for himself.  We all have learned what true kindness is from him and his example.  His heart is pure gold!

2.  He is such a hard worker.  Its crazy!  I've never known anyone to work like my Dad.  Growing up, he'd be at work all day and then come home and keep right on working.  On his days off, working.  Always.  He was always working on the car or mowing the lawn or building something or fixing something.  I don't know how he has done it.  And he is still going strong.  The man is retired and yet he is still just as busy as ever.  Yet another amazing example he has set for all of his posterity.

3.  His sense of humor.  I love it so much!  I cant think of a meal with my Dad where he hasn't smiled and said 'alright, heres a joke...'  hahaha  His jokes are endless and he finds humor in just about everything.  It just makes him the most fun person to be around!

4.  His magic card tricks.  Growing up, I really thought that he was magic.  I don't know how he always knew what my car was!!!  I still don't.  I don't know where he found the time to learn all these card tricks.. maybe when we thought he was at work he was really at magic school.  hahaha  Its awesome and just cemented in all of our minds that Dad is awesome!

5.  His love of old western movies and cold cereal.  On those rare occasions when we could get my Dad to kick back for a couple hours, he would turn on an old western and have a bowl of cereal.  Its just such a familiar sight.. Dad watching 'Four Eyes and Six Guns' with the piano bench in front of the couch with a bowl, milk and a box of cereal.  I hope now that he is retired he has more time for his westerns and his coco krispies. 

6.  His faith.  Its awe inspiring.  Im sure it was something that developed over time, like anyone else, but it has just always seemed so deep-routed in him that he has never been without it.  I always wanted to marry a man with that quality and Im so lucky I did.  With a faith that is just weaved into his being. Its something I've always seen in Brad that's just like my Dad and I love it!!  I hope everyday to be more like that.  

7.  His patience.  My Dad is so patient and so mild-tempered.  I don't know how he does it.  I can honestly say that I have never heard my Dad lose his temper or raise his voice.  Ever.  Not even when we were rambunctious little kids or difficult teenagers.  Its made him so easy to talk to my whole life, because I always felt safe and secure with him.   

8.  He is so smart!!  I don't know what it is, but he understands and remembers so much.  He knows how to fix everything.  He knows how to make anything work.  He knows how to solve every problem.    

9.  His love of music.  I know my brothers all got their amazing talents from my Dad.  I wish that I had got a little.  I love hearing my Dad play the piano!  And although I haven't heard him play the guitar, I know he use to.  And the accordion.  Yes, my Dad can play the accordion.  How cool is that!?  He has always got his 'soft rock' radio station on in the car.  I love it!!

10.  He is so genuine!  My Dad has always (since I've known him) just been himself and seemed so comfortable in his own skin.  It really helped us growing up to realize how important it is to just be yourself and to be happy.  That is so my Dad in every way!

There is more, of course, but if I keep going, I wont get this posted til Novemeber ;)  Happy Birthday Dad!!!!  I'm forever grateful for every sacrifice you've made and every moment spent with you!!  I love you more than I can say!!!!

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