Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sick, But Happy!

This last week started out great!!
Monday was all sorts of busy and fun
We drove up to Mesquite and surprised Brad for lunch.  We picked him up and had a picnic at the park and enjoyed the lovely October weather.
I was feeling so on top of everything and all motivated to get so much done.  I was even planning some fun Fall baking.  And then.... the kids got sick.
So the majority of the week looked like this
And this
But after a trip to the doctor and some much needed meds, we bounced back and went out to the Agg Farm on Friday to pick out a couple pumpkins.
They boys found the ones they wanted pretty quick
Brad and I couldn't resist some farm fresh melons
On Saturday we ended up having to go into Vegas, because of some complications with our local pharmacy.  So, we decided to make a day of it.  We went and got the boys' Albuterol from our old pharmacy, picked up some food storage at Costco and went to lunch at our favorite restaurant ever... Macayo's!
It was as delicious as ever!!!
After lunch, Brad was sweet and took me to see the Bellagio Fall garden.
Its pretty every season, but Fall is my favorite!!!  Its gorgeous!!  I absolutely LOVE seeing all the ginormous pumpkins!!  I have a serious addiction to pumpkins. 
I dream of having a huge pumpkin patch in our yard one day!!!
This talking tree was the boys favorite thing there.  They were sorta freaked out by it, but really liked it too.  haha
It was such a nice way to spend the afternoon.
Maybe one day my yard will look like this.....
We thought that while we were there we would walk out and see the water show
The kids were very impressed.
Although, Saturday night after we'd been home a few hours, I asked Clark what his favorite part of the day was.  I thought that he would say 'eating at a restaurant' or 'the talking tree' or 'the water show'.  But no.  He said his favorite part of the day was when he got to come home and play with Kate.  haha  Why do we ever take him anywhere! ;)
It was quite the week.  Maybe this next week I will actually get the laundry done and bake a little something.  No promises though.

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