Thursday, November 28, 2013


This morning we woke up late to our boys in their room laughing and playing.  Clark was calling Kalvin a 'diaper baby' which is quite the insult in his mind, and Kalvin was laughing hysterically. 

We got the turkey started early and then we just sat back and watched the Macy's parade.  I've never watched it before and I don't know why, cause I loved it!  The kids thought parts of it were funny, but they were more concerned with building a train track.
We didn't get to be with family this Thanksgiving.  Brads parents are in Oklahoma staying with Erik and Christy and all of Brads other siblings were with inlaws and most of my family was in Idaho.  We were a little sad, but honestly it was sorta nice just the 4 of us.  Since we moved out to Overton, we have had lots of family around all the time (which has been awesome) but I just didn't realize that it hadn't been just our little family in so long.  So it ended up being a really perfect day!  
The turkey turned out absolutely amazing!!
And all the rest was just as tasty!!  Homemade rolls that FINALLY turned out the way I wanted them to, pomegranate salad, my Mom's famous veggie dip that is to die for, lots of veggies, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy.  Really, it was the greatest dinner ever!!!
My sweet family :)
After dinner we watched a Mickey Christmas cartoon
And then the turkey kicked in
But not for everyone
My Grandma and Grandpa Merkley came down from Vernal to spend the winter in Bunkerville, so we drove up to visit with them and have some pie and ice cream.
It was so great spending time with them and having the boys get to know them a little better.  They were so sweet and went out and bought tractors for the boys to play with.  We got to visit and talk about family and they told us a little about their missions.  Being with them always brings me back.  They just haven't changed much since I was a kid.  Same cream soda in the fridge.  Same iced oatmeal cookies on the table.  Same stack of newspapers by Grandpa's chair.  Same laughs and smiles.  Makes me want to go play with their record player and try on all of Grandma's jewelry just like I use to 20 years ago.

After pie and ice cream it was time to go, but we you never leave Grandma's house empty-handed.  We left with arms full of toys and chocolates and quilts.  We love them so much!!!!
My grandma just whipped these two up and gave them to me.  She is so talented and I want to be just like her!!!
I hope that Brad and I are lucky enough to grow old together like my grandparents!!  I hope we get to see our kids grow up and have families and then even see our great-grandchildren.  What an amazing blessing that is!!!  To see how far your family extends all because the two of you fell in love and got married.  So amazing!! 

We are very blessed and I am so very thankful.  We have so much.  All of the important things are just as they should be.

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