Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Big News!!!

Its official!!!  Brad has accepted a job in Lovelock, NV.  Yes, Im serious.  Yes, I believe that you have never heard of it.  We hadn't either.

A little while back Brad spoke with a contact that he had up in northern Nevada and he wanted Brad to come up for a job interview.  There was job opportunity in Winnemucca and one in Lovelock.  So we decided to give it a shot, all the while planning on Brad accepting one of the jobs he had been offered here in our home town.

So we went up for a couple days, Brad worked in the both clinics to get a feel for them, we got to know the owners and other therapists, spent some time looking at the area and after dinner with the owners and their wives at a very garlicy Basque restaurant, they handed Brad an envelope with a job offer in it that he just couldnt turn down.  We left northern Nevada confused as all get out.  We spent the next couple weeks just as confused.  We felt like we had to choose between the job we wanted and the place we wanted.  So much good on both sides.  So we prayed and talked and went to the temple and got a very clear answer.

So, not knowing whats ahead of us or what life will be like a couple months from now, Lovelock, here we come!!!
We are so excited and so nervous and so happy and so stressed, but over all, blessed!!  So, so blessed!!  When we were were so torn and not knowing what to do or how to make the decision, Brad's Dad kept reminding us to be grateful that we had a decision to make, because there are a lot of people who dont ever get that.  He was right.  We are very lucky.    
We went back up there to spend some more time there and find a place to live.  It was an interesting trip for many reasons, but it was good.  We feel ready for this change.  Brad just keeps being super cheesy and saying 'its just you and me against the world, Mandy....'  and that makes me laugh and reminds me that I can be happy anywhere as long as I've got Brad there with me.

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  1. How exciting and scary at the same time. Will you be closer to your parents? :)