Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fair Weekend

The Clark County Fair this year was HOT!!!  Oh my heck I couldnt believe it.  We went over on Thursday and burned up in a matter of minutes.  We had a tiny sick Kalvin and a sick me, so after 2 hours he and I were done.  I think Brad was too, but not Clark.  So Kal and I came home and Brad was left to take Clark and his cousins on rides for hours.  Poor guy.  But Clark had so much fun, so it was all worth it... I guess.  Kalvin and I laid under the fans drinking ice water and waiting for people to bring us home food.  Not a bad way to spend the Fair...
Then on Saturday we were lucky enough to give it another try.  It was cooler, but not by much.  We left the babies with G&G and went it alone.
So that meant eating lots and lots of food and watching some of the worst shows ever!  Seriously.  One show made us so uncomfortable, we almost came back for the second showing.
But mostly we were just super excited that these two people came out to spend the weekend with us and eat fried food and watch super serious escape artists and admire elementary art and pigs jumping over hurdles. 
I'd say it was a successful Fair day!!
That night we were just lazy and talked and played with the kids.  That's one of the many reasons we love hanging out with Nate and Kait so much -- they are entertained by the same things that we are, like kids, icecream and terrible 80's movies.
Our sweetest boys!!!!  They love when we run out of clean jammies for them so that they can sleep in my old tshirts.
The next day was Madelyn's Birthday.
It was windy, but we went up on top of Mormon Mesa
And sent balloons to heaven for the little angel.
We love you Maddie!!!  Missing you everyday!!!!
After the balloons we came back home and had pink lemonade cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday.  We gave Nathan and Kaitlin a gift for the new baby -- adorable baby animal hats.
And we gave them this painting for Madelyn.  I had struggled for months on what to do for them on this day and had this idea, but knew that I am not artistically gifted at all, so I talked to my wonderful sister-in-law, Pauline who is an incredible artists and told her what I wanted, and she painted it.  I had her do the Mom and Dad birds in yellow and grey, because those were Nathan and Kaitlin's wedding colors and then I had her do the baby bird coral, because that was Madelyn's nursery color.  Anyway, I loved the way it turned out and I sure hope that they liked it.

We sure do love them and cant wait for them to come visit again!!!!!!

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  1. Yay this was the best weekend!!! And the painting is MORE than perfect :) Still makes me tear up every time I look at it, haha