Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dutch Oven, Mark Twain & Merkleys

Is there anything in the world better than spending the weekend with a couple of Merkleys?  The only thing I can think to compare it to is spending the weekend with a couple Robisons.  So we were lucky enough to have Nathan and Kaitlin drive out from SLC to spend a few days here in exciting Lovelock.  They were thoroughly impressed, I am sure ;)  They got here Friday night and we spent the night watching Friends and talking... that is, after Clark and Kal got done showing them all of their books and went to bed.
Saturday we all slept in (the boys kinds slept) and had some pancakes and played some wii and were super lazy and it was wonderful.
Later we took them on a tour of Lovelock and the Brad's clinic and then up the mountain to a ghost town and a little cooler weather.
Kaitlin is always trying to be like me....or is it that Im always trying to be like her?  I dont know for sure, but I do know that it means that we are both blonde and sometimes both wear blue and talk lots about babies, cause is there anything better in the world to talk about!? Well.. besides cheesecake.
In the ghost town we went to still stands a house that Mark Twain lived in, which was pretty cool to see!
In the park that we decided to stop at there were tons of fruit trees 
And the boys were loving picking and eating it all
There were quite a few deer around doing the same thing
most angelic little face
And this boy just makes me laugh so much
Possibly our last family photo of us being only a family of 4!!!
(Clark is super grumpy.  He detests taking pictures.  I always have to bribe him with a lollipop and if I dont have one... well, the photo ends up looking like this)
Nate and Kait :) :) :)
We decided to be somewhat ambitious and Brad cooked us dutch oven potatoes and chicken and it was seriously amazing!!!
I have always said that Kalvin looks exactly like Nathan, so to me, this picture looks like Nathan having a conversation with his past self... and it freaks me out.  
Although it is fun to think about Nathan and Kaitlin having a little boy one day that looks like Nathan.. so in turn, looks like Kalvin.  They'd be like cousin twins.
I cant believe that the next time we see each other, Nate and Kait are going to have a baby!!!  That this kicking little girl chilling in Kaitlin's belly is going to be out and I can hold her and stuff.  So exciting!!!  I am so glad that we got to be pregnant together!!!!
After the sun went down and we were all played out, we went back home and had banana splits and put the babies to bed on a serious sugar high
Then on Sunday we did absolutely nothing, but eat and talk until they had to pack up and leave.  So annoying that they dont live right nextdoor to us.  One day we are going to have to remedy that.  But in the meantime, we will enjoy our weekends with them!!!

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