Sunday, August 24, 2014

Getting Ready For Fall

This last week went by SO fast.  Its crazy!!!  And I feel like this next week is just going to be twice as busy.  Oh its exhausting just looking at our calendar.  But we have been busy with pretty much only good things, so we really can't complain too much.  Brad and I both had to speak in church, and I was just dreading it, but we got through it.  Always such a good feeling to have that over with!  And Brad did an amazing job.  He is such a good speaker.
I have been feeling so pregnant lately.  I am officially in my 3rd trimester now.  Yay!!  My mind is completely one hundred percent gone.  I cant remember anything and have just got use to always having that feeling like I am forgetting something.  All I can really think about is baby stuff.  Especially with two nephews just being born... I just want my baby!!  Brad is ready too I think.  Our two boys are just so big and active now, Brad says he needs a little one to hold and snuggle during upcoming football games ;)
These two are just the best of friends!!  They just play all day long.  Clark has started saying that he needs 'alone time' when he gets sad or frustrated by something and he just goes in and lays on his bed for a while.  Well, the other day he got upset that about something and yelled, 'I just need some alone time!  Come on Kalvin.' So he and Kal went and laid on their beds together.  haha  So sweet.  I know its only a matter of time before Kalvin is driving him crazy and he's not wanting his kid brother tagging along everywhere he goes, so I try to enjoy their sweetness while it lasts.
I have been trying my best at making more healthy, but also cheap dinners every night.  Not so easy when the only market in town is outrageously expensive.  I have been pinning recipes like crazy and I am trying to rekindle my love for my crockpot.  It sure has been a while.
Thursday night was the Lovelock 'back to school night' so we went down and got Clark all ready to go.  We turned in all of his paperwork, so he is officially registered.  For Kindergarteners, the first week of school is actually just placing them in the right class.  So tuesday we will take him down and he'll take a little test and then on thursday they will let us know what class he is in and who his teacher is.  So his first day of school wont actually be until September 2nd.  He's been nervous, but excited.  I have just been a mess, but I wont bore you with all of my mommy anxiety.
Tom and Jerry is a little too intense for him somedays.  haha
Kalvin has been going through some sort of crazy angelic phase.  He has his moments still, but I have gone a whole day, several times, without having to get after him even once and that just seems insane to me.  He has always been a little bit of a trouble maker, and Clark a perfect angel, but they have sorta switched roles.  I think all of the changes that have taken place this year has affected Clark more than it has anyone and he's been acting out a little more and testing his boundaries.  But Kalvin I guess is just coming into himself more and has been quite content and happy.  Maybe this is just a tender mercy from the Lord as we try to prepare ourselves for another baby.  Heaven knows that I get somewhat overwhelmed at the thought of 3 babies. 
Have you ever seen someone so happy to be eating a giant doughnut!?  haha
As busy as we've been, we've of course made time for some fun things.  We love our fruit smoothies and we love watching movies on our lovely new couch.  We go for walks when the evenings aren't too hot and   I may have made a mistake surprising the boys with a new mario game for the wii, but Clark just loves it so much.  And playing it with his Dad makes him happier than anything.  So when Dad gets home from work, if dinners not quite ready, they play together and Clark gets so excited.  He tells me all day how awesome Dad is at wii games.  
So things are going well for us.  We are just enjoying life and getting ready for all of the changes that are going to come this Fall.  Its going to keep being a crazy year for us, I think, right up until the end, but I guess thats just how some years go.

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