Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy Happy Happy

So over the last weekend we celebrated Frontier Days here in Lovelock.  Its 3 days of excitement.

Friday evening I went down to the park to get us some dinner, since there were supposedly food vendors and we thought some authentic mexican food sounded worth the trip.  There was only 2 places to get food.  haha  Not quite the Clark County Fair ;)  So we got some okay tacos and pupusas and I was going to get Brad some horchata, but I watched a fly drown in the barrel they were serving it from, so I passed on that.

Saturday we heard that there was a pancake breakfast in the park.  We drove down and saw no such breakfast.  So we got the boys breakfast elsewhere and waited for the parade.  It was pretty small, but the kids had fun.  Always way too much candy.
Then we went back to the park to walk around the booths.  There were maybe 12 and it was pretty crowded and hot.  It was fun, though short-lived.  We bought some raffle tickets and I met a few of Brad's patients and tried the lemonade and then we were ready to get home and cool off.
We spent the day fixing and painting these old beds we bought for the boys ages ago.  They were pretty ugly when we got them, but I love the way they turned out.  And we tried out our new paint sprayer that was SO much fun!!!  It was messy, but it made it such a quick, easy job and it ended up looking so much more professional than using a brush.  I loved it.  Now I need to find more to paint!

The boys were pretty excited too!  They were so happy to go to bed in their cool, new beds.  And the cuteness of the beds was just amplified by like a million once there were two tiny people sleeping in them.  I may have just stared at them for like an hour.
While we were busy painting, the boys played in the water.  They love that sprayer on the hose so much.  They usually just take turns spraying each other with the different settings.
Its been so cloudy and rainy here and I love it so much.  It makes me not want to do a thing but sit on the couch and watch it all, instead of doing laundry and dishes and stuff.  It just happens so little here though, you have to stop and enjoy it.
We went for a ride out to some hills we hadn't been to yet.  There were donkeys everywhere!  They are a lot prettier here than the ones back home.
'glassing the hills' as the Robison's call it
This kid is so sleepy all the time.  He'd sleep til 10am everyday if we let him.  I love it.
Brad has been a little busier at work.  We've been so spoiled with his schedule and I know Im just going to be so annoyed once school starts and he is back to normal, long work days.  Trying to enjoy these last couple weeks.
I have been having serious back and hip pain lately.  It sucks.  I try to remember to do my stretches and exercises everyday, cause it helps a lot.  I have never had to deal with this before when pregnant and I am not a fan.
So thats pretty much it around here.  More excitement than you can even handle, right!?  We are pretty happy happy happy these days. (and obviously watching a lot of Duck Dynasty these days too)
The belly is getting bigger everyday and I am slowly getting to the point where everything thats not huge doesnt fit anymore.  Stretch pants are my best friend and I am not even ashamed to admit it.  We are getting SO excited for this boy to get here.  Narrowing down some names and looking at baby clothes and especially seeing some of our friends have babies the past week has made it all start to feel more real.  I cant wait!!!!  

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