Monday, February 16, 2015

Clark's 6th Birthday

My serious boy turned 6!  I still cannot believe that its been 6 years since I brought home the tiniest baby I have ever seen.  And I cant believe what a perfect child he has turned out to be.  I could not love him any more.  My heart would explode. 

We asked him if he wanted to have a friend birthday party or a family birthday party and he picked family.  He said that he wanted to go bowling and get pizza, so thats what we did. 

We went to Reno to a place called Wild Island 

We bowled one game and then took him outside for a little surprise.... 

Go carts!!!! 

He was so serious and refused to smile, but said that it was the coolest thing ever and that it was his most fun birthday. 

It was a lot of fun!  
Erik and Christy met us down there with their kids and went on a couple rides and then we all went out for Pizza. 

We went to Grimaldis for Pizza and then went across town for dessert at Claim Jumper.  Clark picked the red velvet cupcake and tried to hide under the table when I said we were going to sing happy birthday to him.  haha 

On our way home we let him pick out a new bike and he was so excited!!!  Then we changed into jammies and he opened a few presents.  He got Hungry Hungry Hippos and a light-up coloring board.  

He went to sleep smiling, so I guess it was good birthday. 

On Tuesday I took cupcakes into his class and surprised him and it was awesome.  He was so happy, I think he hugged me 20 times in 15 mintues. 

Then he went home and wore his birthday crown and rode his new bike and said he wants to be 6 forever. 

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