Sunday, February 22, 2015

Go To Church!!!

So this week was kind of a tough one for one reason or another.  I may have sort of kinda maybe went to church today feeling not too happy.  And maybe a little sorry for myself.  Its stupid, but we all have our moments, right?

After Jonas going from crazy smiley and happy in relief society to a tiny angry monster and I found myself doing laps around the church halls to keep him quiet, I ran into a sweet lady in our ward who somehow just said all the things I needed to hear.  Isn't that amazing?  Church is just where you are suppose to be every Sunday!  Blessings come from going to church, even when you go when you're all sorts of stressed and tired.  Anyway, this friend talked to me and sympathized with me and all the exhaustion that early motherhood brings and said all of the things that people always say to young mothers, like to enjoy it and remember how quickly this time passes, but in a way that made me hear it differently.

Later as I sat in an old rocking chair in a tiny mother's lounge, feeding Jonas, I thought back about the last week and all of the things I have to be so grateful for.

Although at times I feel that Jonas is secretly testing me to see how long one person can go without sleeping, I love him so much!  And oh how grateful I am that I have the means of soothing his late night/early morning tears.  It can get exhausting, but it would be so much worse if I couldn't calm him.   

I am so immensely grateful for medicine!  Its hard having Kal get sick so much and scare the crap out of us with his asthma, but it really isn't that big of deal when we can take him to the doctor and know whats wrong and that he's okay and that we can give him medicine and he can get better.  And so quickly!   

I am so grateful for our home!!!  Its not a perfect house and its not anything fancy, but the spirit and love in our home is something I treasure.   

I am so blessed to have Brad.  The other night my stupid washing machine wasn't working.  The dang door got stuck on lock and I couldnt get it to turn off and I couldn't open the door to get my clothes out.  I got frustrated and gave up and only a few minutes later found Brad in there on the floor, with the thing jacked up and he tinkered with it until he fixed it.  Thats a kind of love you don't find just anywhere ;) 

I am so grateful for heat!  Thats sounds dumb, but its cold!  I have it so easy.  I wake up to a warm fire and just sit in my warm chair and watch the cold happen right outside my window.  

I am so lucky to have such perfectly adorable children.  All my life I dreamed of having babies.  Of holding them and naming them and watching them grow and now by some miracle, I have 3. 

3 miracles that color on walls and take one bite out of every apple in the fridge and stay up late talking and laughing in their room and somehow have tears that can pierce you through the heart. 

I have a husband who does so much.  Like, so, so much.  He gets Clark up and ready for school everyday, he helps him with his homework, he makes dinners, he does chores, he goes grocery shopping, he does just about everything I ask and then some. 

He even took the boys all day on Saturday so that I could have a day all to myself in Reno to shop for some new, non-frumpy clothes.   

I am so lucky to have Brad work so close to home that he can come home everyday for lunch and so we can go visit him at work while he finishes paperwork.  A lot of days he can even leave work to pick Clark up from school and then go back.  Its amazing! 

I get to go to bed each night in the most comfortable bed in the world!!  Its seriously amazing!  And I get to hold my squishy boy as he falls asleep and talk to Brad and listen to my quiet house and know that my family is all safe and sleeping as I fall asleep. 

I have so much support and love coming at me from all over the place.  Seriously, so many friends, so much family.  I really need to remember how fortunate I am to have each and everyone of them. 

So many huge things that make my life easy like, a car, food, clean water, a phone, clean clothes to wear, coats and shoes for my babies, a school for my kids to attend, Brad has a job that takes care and provides for all of our needs and makes it possible for me to stay home with the kids, the gospel and my testimony and the testimonies of so many people around me that help build me up everyday.

And a thousand other little things like, music, my camera, books, my favorite pan to cook with, the babies bouncey seat, tv shows to watch, frozen peppermint patties (which I suddenly cant live without), a dog that seems like she was heaven sent to our family, the fact that tulips are coming up all over my yard, my slippers, my favorite shea butter lotion, and lets not forget the puzzles that keep my boys entertained for hours.

Theres really so much.  The list goes on and on and on.   

Anyway, today I remembered how much I have and that you should always go to church.  Even when you are so tired, you can barely get out of bed.   

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  1. I love this!!! Thank you for sharing :) And I can attest to the fact that your bed is seriously the most comfortable bed