Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Fair

The Clark County Fair was a lot of fun this year!!  Every year seems to be crazy and rushed and trying to do too much.  This year we only went one day for a few hours.  For the few hours that we were there, the weather was perfect and it wasnt too crowded.  Plus, Clark being older made it all more fun and exciting!!

The little guy was pretty happy in his stroller just watching people and being freaked out everytime there was a gust of wind

We had a traditional fried fair food lunch.  Brad got BBQ and Clarky and I had a corn dog.  This was the best family picture we got. haha Oh well.

Watching the intense pig races

The best part was watching Clark go on rides for the first time.  He was soooo excited!!!  Of course he wanted to go on the motorcycle ride first.  He was so serious the whole time.  Couldnt get one smile out of him.

Again, so serious

Finally a little smile

But going on the big slide with dad is what really got him :)

Still pretty happy, but he started to get a little cold

The Fair was awesome this year!!!


  1. Hahaha I love how serious Clark always is. Wish we could have been there!

  2. your boys are so adorable amanda. and yes, the fair is so fun once they start riding the rides. good job taking pictures, i took like 6 in two days : )